Hey Barry! Pivot on this…!

Barry’s mucksuckers in the media would have us believe that the fight to stab Otraumacare in it’s dark heart is over. Barry himself thinks that the ACA, IRS, NSA, Fast & Furious and Benghazi debates are closed simply because he has decreed that it is so. News flash for Barry…you don’t get to make that decision. The American people do.


As much as Barry would like to think he can excersize that level of control over us, that is wishful thinking. Barry can no more “pivot” to a topic like economics without our permission than he can make the sun rise in the west.

Watch him. He is so grand in his own mind that he truly believes that he can pick up his little pen (pun intended) and exercise some god-like power over us, his peasants. Not so. Enough voters know now that Barry is a false god and that his fall will be even more glorious than his rise.

snakeoil Barry is done. In his arrogance, he has forgotten that his little tantrums, his desparate swipes at greatness called “executive orders” will be completely undone by the next president. Barry has decreed that the ACA cannot be undone, but he  forgets his American history which is rife with examples to the contrary. Prohibition and The Stamp Act spring immediately to mind. What is done by man, can always be undone by man. Don’t be so foolish Barry. And to those who blindly follow this paltroonish boor…don;t be so stupid.

There is much work that will be done when the Congress belongs to the Conservative Collective in November, but ultimately our job will be to sweep Barry and his political pustules into the dung heap of history.

deciever1Barry can only succeed for a short while. His villianous ways cannot breathe in the clean air of integrity and are doomed to choke to death. America will suffer, but in the end it will be Barry who suffers at the hand of The Creator. And make no mistake suffer he will. Congress needs to start the impeachment process against Barry now, so that for the next two years America will be reminded over and over of Barry’s crime against all of us. We should all pray for this…

conservativecollectivewish God bless America!!!!