Is it worth it?


This is the face of the enemy. Make no mistake as to what Barry’s intentions are. His plans include the end of the America that he feels is an evil in the world and was responsible for his fathers end. His plans for all of us are crystal clear.

This is the face of a pathological liar and student of Saul Alinsky. This is the face of the man who desires nothing less than the burning of the Constitution and the creation of a city/state where he can proclaim himself absolute ruler. He is the friend of terrorists and a sympathizer to those who killed 3,000 Americans on 9/11/01.

The proof of such a claim already exists in history. Buying General Motors as a gift to his union confederates, only to discover that GM has been selling cars for years that kill trusting Americans. Barry knew about this and let it ride because the cost of a few hundred American lives was well worth keeping his agenda alive.

Barry was well aware of the NSA reading our email and the IRS freezing the ability of conservative groups to assemble just before an election. He was also aware of the need to fund any organization that would support the rise of Barry’s new order. In short, Barry funneled enormous amounts of cash to “friendlies” and put a huge damper on the “opposition”. Barry lied to us.

He was aware of weapons being passed to Syrian rebels in Benghazi and he was well aware of what happened during the attack on the American compound. He knew that no tape was responsible and he lied to us. And as he lied, four Americans were killed and then he lied again.

Then Barry looked for the weakest and most needy segment of the American population to exploit. The poor, the elderly…anyone who could be identified as easily frightened by television ads or 30 second news soundbites. He found them in the 47% of Americans who have mounths to feed or medication to buy. He lied to us.

The question is…was it worth it? Those who supported Barry sold their souls and their country for a few hundred measly dollars and a few minutes of air time on an Iphone. They sold out their family and friends, they sold out their neighbors and the guy who packs their groceries. Anyone who has taken as much as a penny from Barry has turned their backs on what made America great and all of those who came before.

So not everybody gets a fair shot. That’s not up to Barry or the Conservative Collective. That’s up to the single mother or the grandfather to decide. That’s up to the college student, the taxi driver, the doctor or the waitress to decide. Thay can have a shot at fame and fortune if they want it bad enough, Nobody needs Barry the Perpetual Vacationer to help.

But, here we are on the verge of letting America slip away and what we all need to ask ourselves is…

Was it worth it?

Barry will kill our parents and the sick. His “advisors”, aka Ezekiel Emanual, will decide which one of us is worth the cost of treatment and which of us will die. Barry will decide how much energy we are entitled to, and what food we be allowed to eat. Turn on the TV and Barry will be lying to us.

Was it worth it? Was it worth selling out the men who went ashore at Normandy? Was it worth selling out the 700,000 good men who died to choke off slavery? Well…was it? Was your goddamed Iphone worth it? How about you big screen TV or the PS3? Was that worth the price?

The Tuskeegee airmen knew what liberty was worth, and Barry’s supporters have pissed all over their memory. Martin Luther King knew what real freedom was and the false prophets such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have abused and raped his memory, only to serve themselves. Barry is no better…

So, was it worth it?

The Conservative Collective says….NO!