Sorry Jeb…wrong guy, wrong time!


Nice guy? Sure, we guess…most of the Conservative Collective don’t know Jeb Bush well enough to judge him. Those that lived in Florida when he was governor say he was mediocre, but pro-Second Amendment.

What is a given with Jeb Bush is his solidarity with illegal (criminal) immigrants. Bush definitely has a soft spot for illegals and he wears it on his sleeve like a sergeant wears chevrons. But is this what America needs in place of Barry? The Conservative Collective doesn’t think so.

Here’s the deal. Jeb Bush said last week that what illegal (criminal) immigrants are doing is “an act of love”. What a crock. What a big, fat juicy rationalization from a guy who very definitely has every reason to sympathize with people who have broken the law.

Folks who feel as Jeb does have a favorite ploy to heap guilt on those who just want to find the illegals and send them back to wherever it is they came from. It goes like this…”You can’t just tear a mom or a dad out of the home, away from their children and break up a family, that would be cruel and heartless.” Really? Now remember these are, with exceptions like Bush, progressive liberals with HUGE hearts for things like animals (see “Where are the hypocrites…” on this site) and some dollar-generating fantasy named Mother Earth.

The reality is, they worship a god called…POWER.

You see, these same posers are the very same morally bankrupt progessive mucksuckers who ADORE the Anti-American SAFE legislation in New York state that makes one a felon if he or she posseses an AR15 or large capacity magazines.

So, no problem…if you’re born an American, live here all of your life, pay taxes, obey the laws and in short live by ALL of the rules, it’s fine for you to be torn from your family and sent to jail for something that was legal six months ago.  

But it’s a tragedy if you sneak like a thief uninvited into America, abuse our American education system, take away jobs from Americans, let Americans pay for you to stay home, let Americans give you an EBT card and all the other “nicities” that illegal (criminal) immigrants enjoy, but you get caught and are deported.

Funny, the guy who bought the AR15 to protect his family because he loves them is arrested and charged with a felony, while the criminal is sheltered by men like Jeb Bush.

Actually, it’s not funny…it’s a perversion that needs to be corrected. The Conservative Collective has to wonder if Jeb Bush would offer clemency to the victims of the SAFE Act. We doubt it

Here’s the other joke. “We can’t seem to find 12 million illegal immigrants.” Well, sure you can. All you have to do is hire an army of TSA Barney Fifes, just like Barry has done to make sure he can find folks who don’y pay every penny they owe in taxes

There. Done.

Where are the hypocrites? Oh…Here they are.

The progressive organization that is proudly called People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has finally made a luke-warm and generally useless statement against what agents of the Bureau of Land Management did to several cattle in Nevada a short time ago.

PETA…remember this is the group that thinks hunting is just terrible and has been on a YEARS long rant to that effect…had little to say about Barry’s government thugs doing this…


But these very same pathetic parasites will spend millions of dollars to convince the public that hunters are evil, even though a vast majority of true hunters believe in taking game as humanely as possible. The BLM killers were not humane in any sense of the word with the cattle being riddled with multiple rounds before they died a horrible, painful death.

PETA mumbles something under their electronic breath about how things would be better if we all went vegan and that’s the extent of the progressive outrage. This act of animal cruelty had nothing to do with being vegan. This was government sanctioned and by association, PETA sanctioned torture. How embarrassing it must be for those at PETA to at once hold themselves up as the champions of the animal kingdom and at the same time turn their backs on their animal friends, simply because doing anything more would not look good for their chief funding source, Barry the Bovine Killer.

Apparently, in the progressive world, money will always trump principals.

Now, the Conservative Collective knows full well that there are progressive PETA-lovers who are saying that this is just right-wing propoganda. If that’s true, why hasn’t PETA said anything about Barry’s California windmills doing this to THOUSANDS of endangered or rare birds? Take a good, long look at what liberal progressives pass off as “green”, and therefore jusitfiable.

windkillsFunny…that blood looks very red to us. PETA is as obvious a public fraud as NOW, the NAACP and the IPCC. Anyone who continues to donate so much as a penny to any them should live forever in shame.

Christ returns…victory!


This is the holiest of days for those who believe in Jesus Christ and his return from the tomb in which the Romans placed him after he was crucified.

This day is a day of renewed belief…of rejoicing and of re-dedicating ourselves to Jesus Christ as our savior. This is a day to recognize the victory of Christ over Satan and death itself and his continued gift of victory to all of those who embrace his teachings. It would have been easy to post a graphic of Jesus, but the Conservative Collective chose instead to insert a graphic of the tomb.

The tomb, like the cross, is an symbolic example of winning in the face of what should be impossible to overcome and that true, pure, deeply held belief will always win. Always.

However, the Conservative Collective is comprised of many faiths and beliefs, each of which is as valid as any other. To our conservative friends who have observed Passover, we offer our hands in friendship and solidarity.

To our conservative friends who choose to not believe in any faith, we continue to embrace them as brothers and sisters in our shared conservative struggle against the dark forces we now face as a nation. America faces its greatest trial right now, and we are all one…united…regardless of religious belief.

But, for now…for just this day, we who love God and his only son will rejoice in the resurrection of Jesus and the re-energizing of our unshakable faith.

Happy Easter from the Conservative Collective and may God bless us all.

The shortest post of the day!


Well, the above says it all. Simply. Directly. Naked, without a sugar coating. Beautiful.

At this point, the Conservative Collective would also have to ask, “Don’t you get it yet?” Barry doen’t care about the young or old, the weak or the strong, men or women, blacks, hispanics, asians or whites.

He cares about punishing ALL of America. That’s it. Barry wants to punish America for communist-socialist-progressive lies that his father filled little Barry’s head with when he was an even younger boy that he is now.

 As then, followers now don’t care about the truth.


Will the real Glenn Beck please stand up?



This is Glenn Beck. There can be no denying that Mr. Beck is due kudos for what he has accomplished in a few short years. He has done well for himself and many, many others to be sure, and each success story is well deserved. If you could hear the BUT coming…, here it is.

There are many members of the Consrvative Collective that have been through the same crucible as Beck. In fact, some worse. It’s a stone cold fact that when Beck was curled up in a ball on his carpet begging God for direction, there was an army of truly decent and concerned Americans who were spreading the gospel of conservatism and the way of the capitalist. What angers many in the Conservative Collective regarding Beck is not jeolousy. In fact to suggest that such is true is rather insulting.

It seems to us that every path he asks us to tread ends in a sales pitch for one or more of his products. Years ago Beck faced the same odds as the rest of us as he railed against “the Chicago Machine” or “the Washington Machine”. Now we have to contend with “the Beck Machine” as well as all of the originals.

No, what angers many in the Conservative Collective is that Beck is a master of making one think that he discovered the issues of the day and has been called upon to gather disciples for his fight.God certainly has given Beck a mission and he is fulfilling that as best he can. But, we are not his to command and he is the master of little more than himself.

His latest issue, the Bundy situation in Nevada, has really “licked the candy” so to speak,  of the Conservative Collective. Here he is as duplicitous as any politician can be accused of being. On the one hand, Beck has been at the forefront of the “We’re not going to take it any more!” movement, and then he has the nerve to tell America that he wants to disconnect himelf from Americans who want to fight back against tyranny.

Beck’s news media is rife with stories of decent Americans being killed by law enforcement, being thrown off private property, having their children taken by the state, being denied medical care by the state or any other in a long list of government gone rogue.

But when Americans finally do stand fast against injustice, Beck has the nerve to say that God does not condone violence. Well, Beck is as wrong as he could possibly be. God condones a good fight as long as it is just and right at it’s roots. Joshua laid waste to city after city at God’s command, but the fights were righteous. As studied as Beck is on the times before the American Revolution, some intangible thing has sailed over his head. Call it what one will, there is a specific, palpable  moment in time when only a fight will bring the bubble back to level.

The founders knew that time would come and when it did, they were moved to take action. Forced into a corner, they fought. Beck would probably argue that these days aren’t the same somehow, and he would be correct… in a sense. We have a great nation to lose at the hands of Islam and their allies in the American progressive movement. Our founders never faced these enemies…we do.

Any fight in Nevada would have been righteous and Beck was supremely wrong…finally. The Conservative Collective doesn’t care what Beck says or does and this post is simply an observation, nothing more.

History will write that once again, a government oppressed it’s people until they rose up and set things right. At this point, Mr. Beck needs to admit that the Rubicon has been crossed.

It would help all of us.

Hey Barry! Pivot on this…!

Barry’s mucksuckers in the media would have us believe that the fight to stab Otraumacare in it’s dark heart is over. Barry himself thinks that the ACA, IRS, NSA, Fast & Furious and Benghazi debates are closed simply because he has decreed that it is so. News flash for Barry…you don’t get to make that decision. The American people do.


As much as Barry would like to think he can excersize that level of control over us, that is wishful thinking. Barry can no more “pivot” to a topic like economics without our permission than he can make the sun rise in the west.

Watch him. He is so grand in his own mind that he truly believes that he can pick up his little pen (pun intended) and exercise some god-like power over us, his peasants. Not so. Enough voters know now that Barry is a false god and that his fall will be even more glorious than his rise.

snakeoil Barry is done. In his arrogance, he has forgotten that his little tantrums, his desparate swipes at greatness called “executive orders” will be completely undone by the next president. Barry has decreed that the ACA cannot be undone, but he  forgets his American history which is rife with examples to the contrary. Prohibition and The Stamp Act spring immediately to mind. What is done by man, can always be undone by man. Don’t be so foolish Barry. And to those who blindly follow this paltroonish boor…don;t be so stupid.

There is much work that will be done when the Congress belongs to the Conservative Collective in November, but ultimately our job will be to sweep Barry and his political pustules into the dung heap of history.

deciever1Barry can only succeed for a short while. His villianous ways cannot breathe in the clean air of integrity and are doomed to choke to death. America will suffer, but in the end it will be Barry who suffers at the hand of The Creator. And make no mistake suffer he will. Congress needs to start the impeachment process against Barry now, so that for the next two years America will be reminded over and over of Barry’s crime against all of us. We should all pray for this…

conservativecollectivewish God bless America!!!!


Is it worth it?


This is the face of the enemy. Make no mistake as to what Barry’s intentions are. His plans include the end of the America that he feels is an evil in the world and was responsible for his fathers end. His plans for all of us are crystal clear.

This is the face of a pathological liar and student of Saul Alinsky. This is the face of the man who desires nothing less than the burning of the Constitution and the creation of a city/state where he can proclaim himself absolute ruler. He is the friend of terrorists and a sympathizer to those who killed 3,000 Americans on 9/11/01.

The proof of such a claim already exists in history. Buying General Motors as a gift to his union confederates, only to discover that GM has been selling cars for years that kill trusting Americans. Barry knew about this and let it ride because the cost of a few hundred American lives was well worth keeping his agenda alive.

Barry was well aware of the NSA reading our email and the IRS freezing the ability of conservative groups to assemble just before an election. He was also aware of the need to fund any organization that would support the rise of Barry’s new order. In short, Barry funneled enormous amounts of cash to “friendlies” and put a huge damper on the “opposition”. Barry lied to us.

He was aware of weapons being passed to Syrian rebels in Benghazi and he was well aware of what happened during the attack on the American compound. He knew that no tape was responsible and he lied to us. And as he lied, four Americans were killed and then he lied again.

Then Barry looked for the weakest and most needy segment of the American population to exploit. The poor, the elderly…anyone who could be identified as easily frightened by television ads or 30 second news soundbites. He found them in the 47% of Americans who have mounths to feed or medication to buy. He lied to us.

The question is…was it worth it? Those who supported Barry sold their souls and their country for a few hundred measly dollars and a few minutes of air time on an Iphone. They sold out their family and friends, they sold out their neighbors and the guy who packs their groceries. Anyone who has taken as much as a penny from Barry has turned their backs on what made America great and all of those who came before.

So not everybody gets a fair shot. That’s not up to Barry or the Conservative Collective. That’s up to the single mother or the grandfather to decide. That’s up to the college student, the taxi driver, the doctor or the waitress to decide. Thay can have a shot at fame and fortune if they want it bad enough, Nobody needs Barry the Perpetual Vacationer to help.

But, here we are on the verge of letting America slip away and what we all need to ask ourselves is…

Was it worth it?

Barry will kill our parents and the sick. His “advisors”, aka Ezekiel Emanual, will decide which one of us is worth the cost of treatment and which of us will die. Barry will decide how much energy we are entitled to, and what food we be allowed to eat. Turn on the TV and Barry will be lying to us.

Was it worth it? Was it worth selling out the men who went ashore at Normandy? Was it worth selling out the 700,000 good men who died to choke off slavery? Well…was it? Was your goddamed Iphone worth it? How about you big screen TV or the PS3? Was that worth the price?

The Tuskeegee airmen knew what liberty was worth, and Barry’s supporters have pissed all over their memory. Martin Luther King knew what real freedom was and the false prophets such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have abused and raped his memory, only to serve themselves. Barry is no better…

So, was it worth it?

The Conservative Collective says….NO!