Barry’s land of make believe

Hey, boys and girls!!! How would you like it if Uncle Conservative Collective took you to a magical place where dreams always come true and Barry is a good president? You would? OK, let’s go to Barry’s…


Well, here we are, boys and girls. This is a mystical place where Barry makes believe that he gives a crap about anybody but himself, or anything but his political adenda. This is the land where he pretends that he has a workable foreign policy that ultimately won’t get thousands of people killed in the Ukraine.

This is a land where Barry pretends that Obamacare is working flawlessly and is actually helping Americans. He also makes believe that he has no idea what the letters IRS, NSA, FBI, CIA, DOD or DOJ mean. This land is a land of miracles where Barry can pretend he doesn’t know a murderer and terrorist like Bill Ayers, an insane preacher like Jerimiah Wright or that he doesn’t get American ambassodors killed in Benghazi.

In the land of make believe, Barry can make believe that he loves our military and the real law of the land, The Constitution of the United States. In fact, he can make believe all kinds of things, like that he’s smart or that all of America has been fooled by his childish and destructive behavior, not only half.

Why, in the land of make believe boys and girls, Barry can pretend that he’s a wise leader or that he’s worthy of carrying anything better than a bucket of a private’s piss. Barry also comes here to make believe that Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder have actually done something of value for America instead of running guns and getting Americans killed.

One more thing and then we have to go back to the land of reality. In the land of make believe, Barry can pretend he does everything perfectly and that no one blames him for anything. In fact, Barry plays make believe all day every day in the land of reality, and it looks a lot like this…


Isn’t that silly? Well, we have to go back now boys and girls. We hope you had fun in Barrys…makebelieve2


Barry “Boss Tweed” Obama

underthumbThe Conservative Collective would like once again, to aid in the reconstruction of a crumbled America by offering a lesson in long lost American history. Although this lesson takes place in New York City in the 1870’s, it is a near-perfect reflection of contemporary progressivism as it is practiced today by Barry and his lemmings.

Boss Tweed was as corrupt and dishonorable as any progressive that slithers in the White House or in the halls of Congress today. It was Tweeds mission to steal as much money for himself and his cronies as he possibly could, while at the same time consolidating a base of worshipers that would guarantee his continued election. Sound familiar?

Tweed bought political offices for those who would support his ambitions, and just as easily destroyed the lives and careers of those who dared to bet against him. With Tweed,influence and vote peddling was the way to get things done and in order to do that, he needed vast sums of ready cash, as does Barry now. In Tweed’s day, as today, there were no “shovel-ready” construction jobs, so Tweed manufactured them, using powerful friends in the railroad and building industries.Tweed lied, threatened and even killed in order to pave the way for his agenda.


Today, Barry has installed his own “Tweed Ring” and America has become his version of Tweed’s New York City. And as did Tweed, Barry is pillaging the US Treasury on a daily basis to ensure that he and his allies remain in their seats of power. Barry has given away sums of money so vast that it is now impossible to account for the hundreds of millions of our dollars that have been buried or spun off into the pockets of his political minders.

History has a nasty way of rearing its head, as it has now. Amerca has become the police state of the Weimar Republic and a bottomless checkbook like Boss Tweed had at one time. However, it was only for a time. Tweed, like Mao, Che, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Lenin, Marx and every other would-be despot in history, flourished for only the briefest flash in time and then was extinguished.



Tweed died in prison. New York survived, as will America. 

Just sayin’…