Harry Reid: Cancer patients are liars!!!

The Conservative Collective hereby submits that Senate Majority Harry Reid is the very embodiment of the words pathetic, craven, moronic and traitor. He is a vile person not worthy to carry a bucket of those patients’ urine. Despicable, arrogant and a little bitch.


Reid is now on the attack against cancer patients who have been screwed by Otraumacare so severely that their continued existance on the planet is in question, because Barry’s crowning brain cramp will end the treatment they need to survive.

But the all-knowing Reid accuses them of lying. Imagine that…a man/boy who has a long and proven track record of lying to the people of Nevada has the balls to point his bony, worthless finger at a cancer patient who will die because of him and level accusations.

It is obvious to the Conservative Collective that any moral fiber that once may have existed in Harry Reid has been co-opted by Barry and used to make presidential toilet paper. After all, all one has to do to see Barry wipe his ass with Harry Reid is turn on any TV at nearly any time of the day. There will be Harry, dancing like a puppet for his master and licking his boots.


This time however, the folks stricken with cancer must have hit an open nerve, because Barry the Nitwit sent out his media goon squads within days, and that shows quite positively, that the cancer patients are actually telling the truth. Only the truth getting out or being used against Barry the Kenyan will cause such a ruckus against very ill Americans.

Seriously, it’s not bad enough for Harry Reid that these Americans are suffering, he has the nerve to make ther lives and the lives of their families worse by smearing their names and calling them liars.

Someone else, somewhere else, might wish for herpes, a stroke and gonorrhea to afflict Harry Reid, but the Conservative Collective would never even dream of such a terrible fate befalling Reid.

Better he should just wake up one day in hell, serving as Barry’s personal bidet. We can’t wait to see what God has instore for such a hypocrite and for all eternity. Better givr it some thought old, man!