Bend over America!!!!

And that includes those of you who have traded your dignity, honor and pride for meaningless trinkets like iPhones and EBT cards. If you are reading these words and you have taken as much as one cent from the Barry-regime, you have become part of our national shame.

You are responsible for this…

left2dieAnd this…gas pricesFor a few hundred bucks and a cheap cell phone, you have become Barry’s chattel and he owns you. You could have made millions on your own, doing anything you wish. No one could have stopped you from realizing your dream, but Barry did. He stopped you cold.

Barry stuck that government needle in your arm and started pumping you full of someone else’s money. You want to think that the money came from somebody who deserved to be hurt so that you could justify your own greed. Admit it…the second you made that first call on a phone you don’t deserve or ate the first Cheeto that you had no hand in earning, you knew…you knew that you now lived on Barry’s new plantation as a slave. You belonged to him and he could do what he wanted with you.

Pretty clever, eh? The way you game the system and think that you’re the slickest game in town. Only a fool would work when he or she doesn’t need to, right? Yeah…pretty cool the way you do that. 

Here’s the problem…you’re a cheap thief. A coward. An ass sucking dog. Why? You know the answer. You’re taking money that could feed a truly poor child or that could have helped send a little black kid to college. While you sit around patting yourself on the back, the money you have in your pocket could have kept a family from living in a car or put legs on a vet that took your place in combat.

Now, there are those in America who should be in SNAP because life just simply bit them in the butt. It happens to the best of us and when it does, it’s our obligation to help other Americans. This post isn’t for you.

This post is for the low-lifes that see themselves as somehow being entitled to “Barry’s stash”. Well, you dummies, Barry doesn’t have a stash. The money comes from your friends, neighbors and families, so you’re screwing them.

So bend over America…those folks you hold so dear are Barry’s addicts and they’re coming to take what you have in the name of their pusher.