America-1, UAW-0!

uawbitchesThe Conservative Collective salutes the folks who work hard, every day to make Volkswagon cars in Tennessee and voted no to the UAW last week.

The United Auto Workers union is a huge part of why America is facing a social, financial and ethical crisis right now. There is no denying the truth and the truth will live, for better or worse. Unions in this country have become nothing less than piglets who suckle at the teats of government. The entire union thought process is this…sell the votes of its members for as much payola as the union leadership can take.

This is Chicago politics at its worst and guess what? IT DOESN’T WORK WHEN PEOPLE WITH INTEGRITY ARE INVOLVED!!!!

The UAW spent MILLIONS of dollars over a period of years to strongarm their way into the south only to have their Chicago asses handed to them by “hillbillys” (a Chicago typecast, not the Conservative Collective), with a message that says: KEEP YOUR CHICAGO BULL**** IN CHICAGO!!!

The Conservative Collective has to wonder how many jobs or wage increases that money could have created? How many rent payments, or tuition payments could that money, invested properly, have made possible?  In an America where progressives constantly blubber about wanting to share with the masses, how is it justifiable that the UAW flushed millions upon millions of member dollars down a political toilet?

The UAW, AFL-CIO, SEIU, NEA and other union members need to take a look at what their leadership is doing TO them, rather than FOR them. Maybe this would be that time for you union members to stand up for your God first, then your country, then your family and ONLY THEN perhaps for a union that sees its members as human beings, not dollars or votes.

Just sayin’