Barry may own the GOP, but not America.


So…once again, the congressional GOP bedwetters have given Barry what he wants…more debt. The Conservative Collective is grateful to John Boehner for one thing, but we can’t for the life of us remember what it is.

There is no pretense anymore, America. Sometimes the obvious is SO obvious that it seems as though it isn’t real or just can’t be happening. At this point, there are only a few obvious options…

One, the GOP is actually a secret wing of the progressive left and we’ve all been fooled into thinking that John Boehner has any regard for America or Americans at all.

Two, this here is what is known as “strategery”. John Boehner actually has the leftist socialist exactly where he wants them, which is apparently to issue him his marching orders. Boehner will follow them obediently and do the bidding of his lord and master, Barry the Doltish. Helluva strategy John…OR, John thinks he’s being clever by presenting a clean bill with no strings. Maybe he hopes to cruise into the 2014 midterms without a complaint from the left and that somehow they’ll lay down in gratitude. If that’s the idea, Boehner is simply a moron and while stupid can’t be fixed, it can be run out of town on a rail.

Three, the GOP is under the impression that the American people are all in favor of them tucking their cowardly little tails and pissing all over  themselves rather than do the jobs they get paid to do. There is an issue with this however, and that is that millions of Americans don’t share the fear of Barry that the congressional GOP seems to have and they are ready to cross swords with whatever comes along.

Fourth, it is conceivable that John Boehner suffers from precisely the same mental disorder as Barry seems to, in which case he too, should be relieved of his duties,

In short, America has been sold out by the GOP once again and this has to be the final straw. The men and women who have abused our trust no longer deserve to carry a bucket of the Conservative Collective’s spit, let alone have any direct effect on our very lives.

This band of traitors has turned over the keys to the cash register to a man who has shown time and time again that he is a vile and corrupt progressive socialist who will stop at nothing to turn the greatest nation on Earth into a duplicate of his native cesspool, Kenya.

The American people may never know what prompted John Boehner to simply turn us over so that Barry could have his way with us, but before too long we’ll have our chance to return the favor, in spades. Make no mistake, America, these folks are going torino2 get a lot of us killed!!

The GOP should know that we’re on our way. We’re coming fast and we’re not smiling, boys and girls.