What difference, at this point, does it matter? Really Hillary?

stevens_death_AFPTake a close look at the picture above, Hillary. YOU did this. Shortly after this picture was taken, Ambassador Stevens was dead. You could have sent aircraft (there was a drone on station) to do a low-level fly-by at the very least, or you could have been smart enough and less politically driven, and provided protection for our ambassador and his staff, but you chose not to. You could have given the green light to special ops who were within spitting distance, but you chose to let Chris Stevens die instead.

Look at the picture again, Hillary and tell us why, at ANY, point does the Benghazi issue matter. Do you think it matters to Stevens’ parents? Do you think it matters to his close friends that he wasn’t home to celebrate Christmas this year? Do you think it matters to America that you, a potential candidate for the highest office in the land, lied in front of a congressional committee about being responsible for killing four innocent Americans?

Take a good, long look into Chris Stevens’ almost lifeless eyes and imagine if that were your daughter. What mountain would you have moved to save her? Or perhaps you are so politically motivated and callus that you would even sacrifice your family for the progressive cause and your pathetic career.

Why at this point, does it matter, Hillary? It matters because Ambassador Stevens was an American under attack by our enemies. It matters because he was a human being. And it matters because you and your incompetent boss betrayed him at precisely the moment you needed to be there for him. It matters because this is how you will shamefully conduct yourself if you ever become president.

Lastly, it matters because it shows the distinct difference between progressives and the Conservative Collective. We would have saved Chris Stevens by any means necessary, because we believe in and support those who serve us so faithfully and selflessly. To us a life is still sacred, while to you life is as valuable as office furniture, so you use it up and toss it aside when it no longer serves your purpose.

Take another look at Chris Stevens dying, Hillary. YOU did that. Look at your hands…that’s Stevens’ blood you see on them, and it will never wash off. But for you, there is an infinitesimal bright side…the same blood is on Barry’s hands for all the same reasons.

Here’s the larger question Hillary…do you think God will fall for your crap? The Conservative Collective doesn’t think so.


A patriots prayer, 1780-2014

The following prayer was written by the Reverend Samuel Doak at the Sycamore Shoals muster in Tennessee in the year 1780, as 900 civilians made ready to march against the British on King’s Mountain. Ultimately, 1400 civilian woodsmen without a single regular army officer in attendance, were involved in the decimation of the British forces on King’s Mountain. Cornwallis was forced to retreat, the tide of the Revolutionary War was turned, and a despot’s power came to an abrupt end soon after.

The prayer worked in good stead to bring about victory against a tyrant who thought himself to be “the law of the land”, 234 years ago. Let it be the prayer of the contemporary American patriot once again, as we go about disassembling a  lawless, rogue government that has been responsible for American pain and suffering.

This nation will not now or ever be, the USSR, North Korea, China, Cuba or Kenya…so says the Conservative Collective.


“Almighty and gracious God! Thou hast been the refuge and strength of Thy people in all ages. In time of sorest need we have learned to come to Thee – our Rock and our Fortress. Thou knowest the dangers and snares that surround us on march and in battle. “Thou knowest the dangers that constantly threaten the humble, but well beloved homes which Thy servants have left behind them.

“O, in Thine infinite mercy, save us from the cruel hand of the savage, and of Tyrant. Save the unprotected homes while fathers and husbands and sons are far away fighting for freedom and helping the oppressed. “Thou, who promised to protect the Sparrow in its flight, keep ceaseless watch, by day and by night, over our loved ones. The helpless woman and little children, we commit to Thy care. Thou wilt not leave them or forsake them in times of loneliness and anxiety and terror.

“O, God of Battle, arise in Thy might. Avenge the slaughter of Thy people. Confound those who plot for our destruction. Crown this mighty effort with victory, and smite those who exalt themselves against liberty and justice and truth. “Help us as good soldiers to wield the SWORD OF THE LORD AND GIDEON.”



Peter King…old guard lap dog.

Along comes that whiner, Rep. Peter King, (R) New York. This time he’s pissy about Rand Paul and the NSA vacuuming up data using an electronic crack and crevice device. Seems King is OK with the NSA crapping on privacy rights, and once again, he uses the time tested, “If it saves lives…” politcal schtick to shore up his boorish words.

Over and over the old guard political class uses Americans as chattel to be tossed around, hidden behind or traded off as needed for political points. In this case, King is using New York as the excuse for more government abuse, saying that the NSA spying has actually stopped terrorism in its tracks on more than one occasion.

King has completely missed the freedom and liberty boat here. Being in league with John McCain and Mitch McConnell, though, it should come as no great surprise that a real leader such as Rand Paul would be a target, not an ally. King’s bitchy diatribes are the stuff of legend and to insist that it is perfectly fine to listen to every phone call made anywhere is the stuff of stupidity.

It must be admitted however, that King is no stranger to terrorism and the taking of thousands of innocent lives, as he has been a steady supporter of the Irish Republican Army, and the IRA isn’t exactly known as a bunch of choirboys, are they Petey?

How about this for a change? King should accept that most of us out here in America think he’s a buffoon and we also think he should keep his pie-hole shut when it comes to Rand Paul and the other real conservatives. Being a hypocrite does him no good and does even less good for America.

If he wants to help, King should just resign instead of constantly proving what a mucksucker he is. Rep. Peter King doesn’t deserve to wear any halo and his hands are dripping deep red with the blood of thousands killed by terrorists.

kingThe photo above is King’s intimidation look. This is the face he puts on when it is his intention to show what a big shot he is or how really, really mad he is at somebody.

Sorry Pete. The Conservative Collective only finds you offensive and funny to the extent that your indignant puffery is momentarily amusing until we realize that you actually believe the drivel dripping from your lips.

Do us all a favor and go away…


Hillary in 2016? Why?

Are we electing presidents now simply because of an expectation that somehow this person or that person is entitled to that once unsullied lofty office? How is  Hillary Clinton entitled to the presidency? She is a proven liar, cheat and all-around self-serving sneak thief that only other morally bankrupt progressives would vote for, but still…she expects and so apparently does the media, that she still should be handed the job.

Being a woman is not the issue. If Hillary had the honor and dignity of someone like a Maggie Thatcher, she would have the qualifications necessary to conduct the business of the United States. But Hillary, like Barry, is an absolute fraud. These are people who make unforgivable mistakes in the name of progressivism, and then cover the mistakes with taxpayer dollars, threats or worse, the lives of Americans.

What makes Hillary eligible? Is it because she’s a shifty lawyer with skeletons in every closet? Do years as the wife of a cheating, lying pathetic excuse of a man give her presidential experience? Could it be her years in Congress where she skated along on everybody else’s coattails without lifting so much as a single finger to better the lives of anyone other than those whose votes she could buy with favors?

Maybe she is eligible because of her failure as a globe-trotting, but totally ineffectual Secretary of State who manged to kill four brave souls in Benghazi so that another Barry/Eric gun-running scheme would not be discovered. Maybe that is it.

If these are the qualifications of a president, then our prisons are filled with potential candidates. Perhaps even better candidates…

Barry ignores the law, maybe we should too!

Barry has already decreed that he will continue to ignore the law, so the Conservative Collective is wondering if “what is good for the goose, is good for the gander”.

This year, Barry has decided that the HIPPA laws that provide medical privacy for Americans, should be swept aside and mental health data should be passed to the Department of Justice by the Departement of Health and Human Services to deny firearms ownership.

This is the future of America now. Barry will have his “capas” ignore the law and turn us into subjects, even as we stand and watch. Trial balloon after trial balloon, such as the “Weimar Experiment” in Connecticut where the sheep are lining up to be cataloged as firearms owners, will become a dialy occurance. 

More people have been killed by guns bought by Barry’s criminal ally, Eric Holder than all of the school shootings combined, but America is somehow OK with that. Turning over “Fast and Furious” weapons to crime cartels and getting a federal lawman killed, along with hundreds of innocent Mexicans are OK, but God forbid a woman should be able to protect herself from an abusive spouse.

Perhaps the time has come for each American to decide which laws we like or dislike and ignore those that do not fit within the boundaries of our personal agendas. Perhaps it is time to disobey the illegal decrees that are issued from the White House and return America to the days of its founding.

If Barry has the power to simply ignore the law, then so does each American.