“Retirement Security”? WTF is that?!


As Barry lies and makes threats during the State of the Union speech tonight, the words “retirement security” will be used. No entity anywhere has attempted to define that new political buzz-phrase, but the Conservative Collective knows precisely what it means.

Barry intends to steal our retirements funds by decree and pass them out to the iPhone/EBT card folks that he has bought and paid for in past elections in order to secure a victory for progressives in 2014.

The new program will be called Retirement Security, Think of it as a cousin to Social Security, but created by an unholy alliance of inbred politicians. 

Barry has no cash. He has pissed away the money he was granted by Congress last year and he needs an infusion…right now! Where do you find trillions of dollars just sitting around? In our retirement accounts, that’s where.

The next question is…how does Barry accomplish such a task? By executive order, that’s how. Barry will direct the Department of the Treasury to implement plans that were born as far back as 2009 (see The “Dear Leader” wants your 401K!), which will take your money and replace it with a government “guaranteed” account. The new accounts will return 2% to 5% and, like social security, when you die… ALL OF THE MONEY IN THE ACCOUNT WILL BECOME THE PROPERTY OF THE GOVERNMENT!!! 

So, the Retirement Security program becomes a perpetual money-maker for Washington, DC, just like Social Security is now.   

To repeat…your family will not see one penny of the money you worked all of your life to accumulate. Instead, Barry will distribute your money to lazy and unproductive Americans all in the name if “Income inequality”. The truth is, Barry will be influencing the 2014 elections by buying the one thing he cherishes more than his wife and children…VOTES.

The Conservative Collective hopes it is wrong, because such an action by Barry will almost certainly trigger a second civil war and millions will be hurt or worse.

However, progressives like Barry are blind to consequences which is why America is now in a state of ruin. But, as history shows, every now and again, founding principles need to be paid for.

This may be that time…