Barry blames his failure on us!


It was only a matter of time before Barry blamed his failures on the people of the United States. In an act of absolute desperation, Barry the Clueless has had the unmitigated nerve to level charges of racism against all of us.

In scraping the bottom of the “It can’t be me…” barrel, Barry has pulled the race card out and says that we aren’t cooperating with his dictatorship because he’s black. We haven’t given him a chance because he’s black. We don’t like him because he’s black.


The Conservative Collective has been steadfast in it’s lack of support for Barry and his mucksucking crew because his policies and leadership are made of huge chunks of steaming bovine scat!!  Barry owns all of this, by himself. He wanted to be the rock star and enjoy all of the presidential goodies at our expense, so he convinced the most selfish and the dumbest among us to vote for him, and they did.

Now, they too are getting screwed by Otraumacare and all of his numbers are at the bottom of the political cesspool where they belong. In his zeal to fool some of us all the time, Barry has cashed out the last of his political capital. The best he has at this point is threats to use executive actions and calling us all racists. How pathetic.

Pretty sad, actually. The guy has given away our nation to China, made sure that his spy network will be able to gather dirt on all of us, refused to honor some laws, while illegally creating his own and gotten Americans killed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Mexico and Benghazi, Libya to name only a few places.

Barry has cooked unemplyment numbers in order to influence his reelection, stolen billions of tax dollars and given it away to his political allies and he continues to lie to America every time he opens his mealy pie-hole.

But…racism? OK Barry…REAL tired of that old crap. It was bad enough to have fools and buffoons like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or that lunatic Farakkhan calling us racists, but to have you call us that is purely insulting. None of us in the Conservative Collective are impressed or intimidated by any brothers’ or sisters’ blackness. If you hypocrites want to impress us, get off your asses and help the people you tell us you support instead of using them to maintain jets and limos.     

But Barrys blackness? What a boor. The Conservative Collective was past that dopey schtick 5 years ago. We were waiting for a president, and we got what we expected…a do nothing, huff and puff, no bullet in the chamber, loud, ignorant and corrupt liar. It is what Barry is. It is what Rahm Emanuel is. It is what Jay Carney is and it is what Hillary is as well.

Racists? Nope, not at all Barry…not going to give you that power. We don’t think you’re black and you can’t make us. So there!

Now…that you’re a practicing Muslim…let’s talk.