The blog nobody wants to write

The Conservative Collective is saddened to write this blog, but we feel the time has come and this issue cannot be ignored any longer. The images contained in this blog bring tears to our eyes, but they must be shown if for no other reason than to bring the truth to bear on all Americans. The question is this:


Did George W Bush’s Patriot Act do this? Or Barry’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)? Or was it Bill Clinton? Does it matter? The Conservative Collective saya no, because this is the real untarnished picture of what they do…

bad cop1

This is a photo of a homeless man, last name Thomas, who was beaten to death by law enforcement officers in 2011. The full story is very easy to find and verify.

This cannot be allowed to continue. Law enforcement cannot operate in this fashion and in fact, if this is the new face of police work, the Conservative Collective would rather do without. These stories are becoming very commonplace in America and there is no longer any question of if this will stop…it’s only a matter of when.

Citizens have a right to self defense. It makes no difference where a threat comes from and the right to defend our loved ones and property from any threat is God-given, not a privilege handed out by bureaucrats. When our police departments start to look like this: satroopers

Oh…wait…somebody out there just said that the above photo is nothing like what is going on in America. Really? We think that assessment is flawed. This is America today, every day, night and day…

copsor soldiers

The difference? Very little actually with the possible exception being that the SA storm troopers were unarmed.

None of us want to write this about law enforcement and we wouldn’t either if doing this…


was an anomoly that only happened once it the proverbial “blue moon”.

Unfortunately it happens too frequently now and that is absolutely unacceptable to the Conservative Collective. There is a palpable feeling across the land that is very frightening indeed. Law enforcement has created the atmoshere that they are the toughest kid on the block now and that they can bully anyone they please with impunity. Barry has seen to it that police personnel are trained with the military and the final mindset derived from a military influence is highly flammable, but also highly predictable.

Citizen abuse at the hands of law enforcement to the point of being killed as in the case of Mr.Thomas, was unheard of only 20 years ago. We now have “non-violent” traffic checkpoints (yes, the word was CHECKPOINTS), illiegal body cavity searches and the list of constitutional violations goes on and on. Law enforcement now believes that they can get away with literally anything.

But not all. There are tens of thousands of good cops across the land and it ts they who should clean up the mess. However, with a damp cloth or a sponge, as they say…the mess will be cleaned up, make no mistake.  As we stated in the beginning, this was no fun and in fact, hurts quite a bit. But it had to be done.

The Conservative Collective has nothing but repesct for the concept of law enforcement, but what is happening today under the false guise of “homeland security” and “the war on terror” is nothing short of a national police force acting to intimidate the populace into compliance. And to what end? We don’t know, but we know it’s no good and we know it comes from Washington, DC.

This has gone far enough.