Interesting game Cuomo is starting


It would seem that New York Governor (or is it Field Marshal?) Cuomo wants to start a new game.  He’s suggesting that pro-life, pro-gun and anti-gay conservatives are not welcome in New York state.The true read is that if you aren’t a goose-stepping progressive socialist brownshirt you are not welcome in New York.

In New York, if you are a free thinker and reject the progressive liberal mindset as being insane and instead belive in God, the bible, the Second Amendment and that innocent life is sacred, you can leave now.

The Conservative Collective thinks that this is a fabulous game and wants every state to play it to its fullest extent! To that end, every man and woman who intends to vote for Hillary has no place in any red state, and should immediately move to New York.

Any person who is an illegal alien or applaudes partial birth abortion (also known as Barry-sanctioned murder) has no place anywhere in any red state and should move to New York poste haste. For you EBT card holders, that means NOW!

Interesting that Cuomo has the desire to move the socialist sticks forward and send up the Hitler/Stalin-esque trial balloon of telling folks where they will live based upon political views.This has been a dream of the progressive left for decades and apparently Barry has discussed the issue with his loyal suckbug in New York, giving him the green (pun intended) light.

But…playing devil’s advocate…what if it is the plan of the Conservative Collective is to put  a conservative governor in Cuomo’s seat? That sort of disrupts his plans, doesn’t it? When that happens, it just won’t make sense for conservatives to do anything but stay in New York. Not to mention that fact that we can damn well believe what we want to, wherever we please and any attempt to modify that simple concept will only go very badly for you, on multiple levels.

So,,,,sorry Governor Cuomo, your desire for us to leave just doesn’t fit in OUR plans, so your moronic plan has just become worthless.

We do find it interesting to note here that historically speaking, the Weimar Republic adopted this precise mode of thinking in 1921 Germany and we all know the result of that little social faux pas. Shall we dance again, Herr Cuomo?