Barry The Irrelevant


Ahhh….Barry’s pissed-off face. This is his war face and the one he uses to get his way. This is the face he puts on to get another scoop of vanilla on his banana split. This is the “pen threat” face that ts supposed to make the universe itself tremble.

But, the Conservative Collective is not in the mood for threats from a narcissistic piss-ant like Barry. We’re not impressed or intimidated by his childish threats or his use of federal agencies to kill off his opposition. Listen up Barry…we’ll only say this once…the Conservative Collective fears NOTHING on this planet and kneels to none but God. You are little more than a fart in a whirlwind to us.

Threats, Barry? Are you sure it’s not just a tad early in your dictatorship for threats? And what is the threat with the pen and phone? That is the symbolic crap that comes from someone with nothing at all left under the hood. You are tapped out, you lying piece of human waste.

You go ahead and sign all of the executive orders you want to. We’ll simply ignore them as fast as you sign them. Sign them with your mighty pen until you can no longer use either hand, it won’t matter a whit. Your executive orders have become as insignificant as you have become.

You have decided, without merit, that you have the authority to modify law unilaterally, so that means then by definition, since constitutional power resides with the people, that we can decide to make you irrelevant to us. Which we did, starting two years ago, actually.

Bring your threats. Bring your control. We embrace the attempt and only worry that in the scuffle good folks might get hurt. But in the final analysis, we will politically kick your bony Chicago-style ass, make no mistake about it. We are sick and tired of your worthless ego and everything that goes with it. That goes for your buddies in the Senate as well. 

So, the short answer to your threats is simply this. smileflipbird

Now, you take the next shot tough guy…we’ll wait.