Question for Barry: Where are the O’Care demographics?

windmillThe Conservative Collective has noticed that nobody has seen fit to discuss the Obamacare demographics. It would seem that such a simple question would be a fundemental journalistic question and yet, no one has asked. Secondary question: Why?

On January 2, 2014, Joanne Peters, HHS spokes…whatever, said this:

“We have prioritized reporting of the metrics which provide the most accurate snapshot of marketplace enrollment-related activity at this time.”

Gibberish meant to distract, nothing more. Two weeks later, the same useless bovine scat continues to come from HHS

We would like to know races as well as ages. We would like to know median incomes and genders. Barry has ripped off one trillion taxpayer dollars and only a fraction of that money is accounted for, so we would like to know who has the money and how it was spent.

Why no demographics? Could it be that such data would reveal what that our money was spent courting poor blacks in an attempt to buy their loyalty and by default, their future votes? Could it be that such data would reveal that hispanics are not flocking to Obamacare in the huge numbers that Barry said they would be? Perhaps the demographic data would show that a majority of women aren’t falling for the “free birth control” snake oil.

Certainly the data regarding the elderly and the infirm might show that those demographic categories know now that a gathering of men and women who will determine their lifespans does in deed constutute a “death panel”.

Barry’s mealy-mouthed lemmings do nothing without politcal motivation. Therefore it is entirely logical that they haven’t released the Otraumacare demograhics because they will provide definitive proof of how morally and intellectually bankrupt Barry and his mucksucking legions really are.

Just a wild guess on the part of the Conservative Collective.