Chris Christie is now a decoy!!

decoyNew Jersey governor Chris Christie has become exactly what he needs to be, that being a decoy for the left.

As long as Christie is under the proverbial gun (pun intended), the left will need to divide its forces in order to cover not only Republican darling Christie, but all of the other potential 2016 candidates as well. This is a classic tactical situation in that, where no matter what happensĀ  any where else in the known universe, the progressive left will HAVE to weaken itself in order to cover all of the political possibilities.

Progressive strategists must be furrowing their brows just a little deeper today because they normally have a fair bead on which way political winds blow, but with Christie’s problems to now include in their calculations, along with whether or not Christie himself has been harmed, the jobs of the leftist liars have become a lot tougher.

The Conservative Collective now feels that Christie should continue to show a candidate posture, but begin the covert process of supporting and working with, a truly conservative man or woman that actually has a chance of winning the nomination. It is now time for Christie to move, very quietly, into the role of gathering his faithful and convincing them to stand behind the Republican nominee.

If Christie is a conservative, it’s time for him to prove it. He may bristle at that suggestion, because he thinks he is his own man, a man of the people, and blah…blah…blah. Now is the moment he needs to recognize that a nation needs him to take a back seat and help get a REAL conservative elected as president.

He’s a great decoy and we need to use that.