Peter King…old guard lap dog.

Along comes that whiner, Rep. Peter King, (R) New York. This time he’s pissy about Rand Paul and the NSA vacuuming up data using an electronic crack and crevice device. Seems King is OK with the NSA crapping on privacy rights, and once again, he uses the time tested, “If it saves lives…” politcal schtick to shore up his boorish words.

Over and over the old guard political class uses Americans as chattel to be tossed around, hidden behind or traded off as needed for political points. In this case, King is using New York as the excuse for more government abuse, saying that the NSA spying has actually stopped terrorism in its tracks on more than one occasion.

King has completely missed the freedom and liberty boat here. Being in league with John McCain and Mitch McConnell, though, it should come as no great surprise that a real leader such as Rand Paul would be a target, not an ally. King’s bitchy diatribes are the stuff of legend and to insist that it is perfectly fine to listen to every phone call made anywhere is the stuff of stupidity.

It must be admitted however, that King is no stranger to terrorism and the taking of thousands of innocent lives, as he has been a steady supporter of the Irish Republican Army, and the IRA isn’t exactly known as a bunch of choirboys, are they Petey?

How about this for a change? King should accept that most of us out here in America think he’s a buffoon and we also think he should keep his pie-hole shut when it comes to Rand Paul and the other real conservatives. Being a hypocrite does him no good and does even less good for America.

If he wants to help, King should just resign instead of constantly proving what a mucksucker he is. Rep. Peter King doesn’t deserve to wear any halo and his hands are dripping deep red with the blood of thousands killed by terrorists.

kingThe photo above is King’s intimidation look. This is the face he puts on when it is his intention to show what a big shot he is or how really, really mad he is at somebody.

Sorry Pete. The Conservative Collective only finds you offensive and funny to the extent that your indignant puffery is momentarily amusing until we realize that you actually believe the drivel dripping from your lips.

Do us all a favor and go away…