Barry ignores the law, maybe we should too!

Barry has already decreed that he will continue to ignore the law, so the Conservative Collective is wondering if “what is good for the goose, is good for the gander”.

This year, Barry has decided that the HIPPA laws that provide medical privacy for Americans, should be swept aside and mental health data should be passed to the Department of Justice by the Departement of Health and Human Services to deny firearms ownership.

This is the future of America now. Barry will have his “capas” ignore the law and turn us into subjects, even as we stand and watch. Trial balloon after trial balloon, such as the “Weimar Experiment” in Connecticut where the sheep are lining up to be cataloged as firearms owners, will become a dialy occurance. 

More people have been killed by guns bought by Barry’s criminal ally, Eric Holder than all of the school shootings combined, but America is somehow OK with that. Turning over “Fast and Furious” weapons to crime cartels and getting a federal lawman killed, along with hundreds of innocent Mexicans are OK, but God forbid a woman should be able to protect herself from an abusive spouse.

Perhaps the time has come for each American to decide which laws we like or dislike and ignore those that do not fit within the boundaries of our personal agendas. Perhaps it is time to disobey the illegal decrees that are issued from the White House and return America to the days of its founding.

If Barry has the power to simply ignore the law, then so does each American.