“Retirement Security”? WTF is that?!


As Barry lies and makes threats during the State of the Union speech tonight, the words “retirement security” will be used. No entity anywhere has attempted to define that new political buzz-phrase, but the Conservative Collective knows precisely what it means.

Barry intends to steal our retirements funds by decree and pass them out to the iPhone/EBT card folks that he has bought and paid for in past elections in order to secure a victory for progressives in 2014.

The new program will be called Retirement Security, Think of it as a cousin to Social Security, but created by an unholy alliance of inbred politicians. 

Barry has no cash. He has pissed away the money he was granted by Congress last year and he needs an infusion…right now! Where do you find trillions of dollars just sitting around? In our retirement accounts, that’s where.

The next question is…how does Barry accomplish such a task? By executive order, that’s how. Barry will direct the Department of the Treasury to implement plans that were born as far back as 2009 (see The “Dear Leader” wants your 401K!), which will take your money and replace it with a government “guaranteed” account. The new accounts will return 2% to 5% and, like social security, when you die… ALL OF THE MONEY IN THE ACCOUNT WILL BECOME THE PROPERTY OF THE GOVERNMENT!!! 

So, the Retirement Security program becomes a perpetual money-maker for Washington, DC, just like Social Security is now.   

To repeat…your family will not see one penny of the money you worked all of your life to accumulate. Instead, Barry will distribute your money to lazy and unproductive Americans all in the name if “Income inequality”. The truth is, Barry will be influencing the 2014 elections by buying the one thing he cherishes more than his wife and children…VOTES.

The Conservative Collective hopes it is wrong, because such an action by Barry will almost certainly trigger a second civil war and millions will be hurt or worse.

However, progressives like Barry are blind to consequences which is why America is now in a state of ruin. But, as history shows, every now and again, founding principles need to be paid for.

This may be that time…

Barry blames his failure on us!


It was only a matter of time before Barry blamed his failures on the people of the United States. In an act of absolute desperation, Barry the Clueless has had the unmitigated nerve to level charges of racism against all of us.

In scraping the bottom of the “It can’t be me…” barrel, Barry has pulled the race card out and says that we aren’t cooperating with his dictatorship because he’s black. We haven’t given him a chance because he’s black. We don’t like him because he’s black.


The Conservative Collective has been steadfast in it’s lack of support for Barry and his mucksucking crew because his policies and leadership are made of huge chunks of steaming bovine scat!!  Barry owns all of this, by himself. He wanted to be the rock star and enjoy all of the presidential goodies at our expense, so he convinced the most selfish and the dumbest among us to vote for him, and they did.

Now, they too are getting screwed by Otraumacare and all of his numbers are at the bottom of the political cesspool where they belong. In his zeal to fool some of us all the time, Barry has cashed out the last of his political capital. The best he has at this point is threats to use executive actions and calling us all racists. How pathetic.

Pretty sad, actually. The guy has given away our nation to China, made sure that his spy network will be able to gather dirt on all of us, refused to honor some laws, while illegally creating his own and gotten Americans killed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Mexico and Benghazi, Libya to name only a few places.

Barry has cooked unemplyment numbers in order to influence his reelection, stolen billions of tax dollars and given it away to his political allies and he continues to lie to America every time he opens his mealy pie-hole.

But…racism? OK Barry…REAL tired of that old crap. It was bad enough to have fools and buffoons like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or that lunatic Farakkhan calling us racists, but to have you call us that is purely insulting. None of us in the Conservative Collective are impressed or intimidated by any brothers’ or sisters’ blackness. If you hypocrites want to impress us, get off your asses and help the people you tell us you support instead of using them to maintain jets and limos.     

But Barrys blackness? What a boor. The Conservative Collective was past that dopey schtick 5 years ago. We were waiting for a president, and we got what we expected…a do nothing, huff and puff, no bullet in the chamber, loud, ignorant and corrupt liar. It is what Barry is. It is what Rahm Emanuel is. It is what Jay Carney is and it is what Hillary is as well.

Racists? Nope, not at all Barry…not going to give you that power. We don’t think you’re black and you can’t make us. So there!

Now…that you’re a practicing Muslim…let’s talk.

The blog nobody wants to write

The Conservative Collective is saddened to write this blog, but we feel the time has come and this issue cannot be ignored any longer. The images contained in this blog bring tears to our eyes, but they must be shown if for no other reason than to bring the truth to bear on all Americans. The question is this:


Did George W Bush’s Patriot Act do this? Or Barry’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)? Or was it Bill Clinton? Does it matter? The Conservative Collective saya no, because this is the real untarnished picture of what they do…

bad cop1

This is a photo of a homeless man, last name Thomas, who was beaten to death by law enforcement officers in 2011. The full story is very easy to find and verify.

This cannot be allowed to continue. Law enforcement cannot operate in this fashion and in fact, if this is the new face of police work, the Conservative Collective would rather do without. These stories are becoming very commonplace in America and there is no longer any question of if this will stop…it’s only a matter of when.

Citizens have a right to self defense. It makes no difference where a threat comes from and the right to defend our loved ones and property from any threat is God-given, not a privilege handed out by bureaucrats. When our police departments start to look like this: satroopers

Oh…wait…somebody out there just said that the above photo is nothing like what is going on in America. Really? We think that assessment is flawed. This is America today, every day, night and day…

copsor soldiers

The difference? Very little actually with the possible exception being that the SA storm troopers were unarmed.

None of us want to write this about law enforcement and we wouldn’t either if doing this…


was an anomoly that only happened once it the proverbial “blue moon”.

Unfortunately it happens too frequently now and that is absolutely unacceptable to the Conservative Collective. There is a palpable feeling across the land that is very frightening indeed. Law enforcement has created the atmoshere that they are the toughest kid on the block now and that they can bully anyone they please with impunity. Barry has seen to it that police personnel are trained with the military and the final mindset derived from a military influence is highly flammable, but also highly predictable.

Citizen abuse at the hands of law enforcement to the point of being killed as in the case of Mr.Thomas, was unheard of only 20 years ago. We now have “non-violent” traffic checkpoints (yes, the word was CHECKPOINTS), illiegal body cavity searches and the list of constitutional violations goes on and on. Law enforcement now believes that they can get away with literally anything.

But not all. There are tens of thousands of good cops across the land and it ts they who should clean up the mess. However, with a damp cloth or a sponge, as they say…the mess will be cleaned up, make no mistake.  As we stated in the beginning, this was no fun and in fact, hurts quite a bit. But it had to be done.

The Conservative Collective has nothing but repesct for the concept of law enforcement, but what is happening today under the false guise of “homeland security” and “the war on terror” is nothing short of a national police force acting to intimidate the populace into compliance. And to what end? We don’t know, but we know it’s no good and we know it comes from Washington, DC.

This has gone far enough.

Interesting game Cuomo is starting


It would seem that New York Governor (or is it Field Marshal?) Cuomo wants to start a new game.  He’s suggesting that pro-life, pro-gun and anti-gay conservatives are not welcome in New York state.The true read is that if you aren’t a goose-stepping progressive socialist brownshirt you are not welcome in New York.

In New York, if you are a free thinker and reject the progressive liberal mindset as being insane and instead belive in God, the bible, the Second Amendment and that innocent life is sacred, you can leave now.

The Conservative Collective thinks that this is a fabulous game and wants every state to play it to its fullest extent! To that end, every man and woman who intends to vote for Hillary has no place in any red state, and should immediately move to New York.

Any person who is an illegal alien or applaudes partial birth abortion (also known as Barry-sanctioned murder) has no place anywhere in any red state and should move to New York poste haste. For you EBT card holders, that means NOW!

Interesting that Cuomo has the desire to move the socialist sticks forward and send up the Hitler/Stalin-esque trial balloon of telling folks where they will live based upon political views.This has been a dream of the progressive left for decades and apparently Barry has discussed the issue with his loyal suckbug in New York, giving him the green (pun intended) light.

But…playing devil’s advocate…what if it is the plan of the Conservative Collective is to put  a conservative governor in Cuomo’s seat? That sort of disrupts his plans, doesn’t it? When that happens, it just won’t make sense for conservatives to do anything but stay in New York. Not to mention that fact that we can damn well believe what we want to, wherever we please and any attempt to modify that simple concept will only go very badly for you, on multiple levels.

So,,,,sorry Governor Cuomo, your desire for us to leave just doesn’t fit in OUR plans, so your moronic plan has just become worthless.

We do find it interesting to note here that historically speaking, the Weimar Republic adopted this precise mode of thinking in 1921 Germany and we all know the result of that little social faux pas. Shall we dance again, Herr Cuomo?  


Barry The Irrelevant


Ahhh….Barry’s pissed-off face. This is his war face and the one he uses to get his way. This is the face he puts on to get another scoop of vanilla on his banana split. This is the “pen threat” face that ts supposed to make the universe itself tremble.

But, the Conservative Collective is not in the mood for threats from a narcissistic piss-ant like Barry. We’re not impressed or intimidated by his childish threats or his use of federal agencies to kill off his opposition. Listen up Barry…we’ll only say this once…the Conservative Collective fears NOTHING on this planet and kneels to none but God. You are little more than a fart in a whirlwind to us.

Threats, Barry? Are you sure it’s not just a tad early in your dictatorship for threats? And what is the threat with the pen and phone? That is the symbolic crap that comes from someone with nothing at all left under the hood. You are tapped out, you lying piece of human waste.

You go ahead and sign all of the executive orders you want to. We’ll simply ignore them as fast as you sign them. Sign them with your mighty pen until you can no longer use either hand, it won’t matter a whit. Your executive orders have become as insignificant as you have become.

You have decided, without merit, that you have the authority to modify law unilaterally, so that means then by definition, since constitutional power resides with the people, that we can decide to make you irrelevant to us. Which we did, starting two years ago, actually.

Bring your threats. Bring your control. We embrace the attempt and only worry that in the scuffle good folks might get hurt. But in the final analysis, we will politically kick your bony Chicago-style ass, make no mistake about it. We are sick and tired of your worthless ego and everything that goes with it. That goes for your buddies in the Senate as well. 

So, the short answer to your threats is simply this. smileflipbird

Now, you take the next shot tough guy…we’ll wait.

Question for Barry: Where are the O’Care demographics?

windmillThe Conservative Collective has noticed that nobody has seen fit to discuss the Obamacare demographics. It would seem that such a simple question would be a fundemental journalistic question and yet, no one has asked. Secondary question: Why?

On January 2, 2014, Joanne Peters, HHS spokes…whatever, said this:

“We have prioritized reporting of the metrics which provide the most accurate snapshot of marketplace enrollment-related activity at this time.”

Gibberish meant to distract, nothing more. Two weeks later, the same useless bovine scat continues to come from HHS

We would like to know races as well as ages. We would like to know median incomes and genders. Barry has ripped off one trillion taxpayer dollars and only a fraction of that money is accounted for, so we would like to know who has the money and how it was spent.

Why no demographics? Could it be that such data would reveal what that our money was spent courting poor blacks in an attempt to buy their loyalty and by default, their future votes? Could it be that such data would reveal that hispanics are not flocking to Obamacare in the huge numbers that Barry said they would be? Perhaps the demographic data would show that a majority of women aren’t falling for the “free birth control” snake oil.

Certainly the data regarding the elderly and the infirm might show that those demographic categories know now that a gathering of men and women who will determine their lifespans does in deed constutute a “death panel”.

Barry’s mealy-mouthed lemmings do nothing without politcal motivation. Therefore it is entirely logical that they haven’t released the Otraumacare demograhics because they will provide definitive proof of how morally and intellectually bankrupt Barry and his mucksucking legions really are.

Just a wild guess on the part of the Conservative Collective.

Chris Christie is now a decoy!!

decoyNew Jersey governor Chris Christie has become exactly what he needs to be, that being a decoy for the left.

As long as Christie is under the proverbial gun (pun intended), the left will need to divide its forces in order to cover not only Republican darling Christie, but all of the other potential 2016 candidates as well. This is a classic tactical situation in that, where no matter what happens  any where else in the known universe, the progressive left will HAVE to weaken itself in order to cover all of the political possibilities.

Progressive strategists must be furrowing their brows just a little deeper today because they normally have a fair bead on which way political winds blow, but with Christie’s problems to now include in their calculations, along with whether or not Christie himself has been harmed, the jobs of the leftist liars have become a lot tougher.

The Conservative Collective now feels that Christie should continue to show a candidate posture, but begin the covert process of supporting and working with, a truly conservative man or woman that actually has a chance of winning the nomination. It is now time for Christie to move, very quietly, into the role of gathering his faithful and convincing them to stand behind the Republican nominee.

If Christie is a conservative, it’s time for him to prove it. He may bristle at that suggestion, because he thinks he is his own man, a man of the people, and blah…blah…blah. Now is the moment he needs to recognize that a nation needs him to take a back seat and help get a REAL conservative elected as president.

He’s a great decoy and we need to use that.