WAR!!! Old GOP vs. New GOP

So now the animosity between the establishment progressive right and the conservative right is being labeled as a “full blown civil war”.

It had to happen and now is an excellent time to winnow out those republican who have sided with the progressive left to ensure the status quo and give each of them a pink slip. They have outlived any usefulness they might have had and at this point in history they are aiding the Barry lemmings in chipping away at the Constitution, which is THE law of the land.

Boehner and McConnell have rolled over and spend their days now waiting for Barry to scratch their bellies and tell them what good boys they are. In recent days, Boehner has actually had the unmitigated balls to tell America that he has never violated a conservative principal. Such a statement is so obviously absurd on its face that any counter-argument would be a waste of time and effort. Boehner’s lie just simply does not rise to the level of being worthy of a response.

A tirade from Boehner such as we witnessed a day ago is born of fear.  He knows that his tenure as a congressman as well as Speaker of the House is in serious jeopardy. He fought valiantly during the last resolution debacle, but that was yesterday. As the old saying goes, “The only easy day was yesterday.”. and it’s no different for Boehner.

When John Boehner blew up at the “alternative” conservatives groups, he blew up at tens of millions of independent and conservative voters who want conservatives in congress, not progressives. His reaction to a simple question goes to show how tightly wound the right-wing rubber band is at the moment, and it is NOT showing signs of loosening.

Boehner would do well to work as hard at unifying the right as he does placating the left. It would be energy better spend if…BIG if here…if he is truly a conservative. He has to realize that his form of republican is a dying breed and there is a new, truly conservative republican on the horizon.

It sucks for Boehner and his allies, but in the words of that high class woman Nancy Pelosi, Boehner should just “embrace the suck.”, and assimilate into the new conservatism. Together, the new republicans could then sweep the 2014 elections and Barry out of office.

The alternative is that he and his buddies will lose any “war” and then he can move to the porch and watch.

Q-POLL: 47% of voters want GOP to take Congress

If one can believe polls, and we all know that the progressive left lives and breathes based upon polls, a new Quinnipiac poll released today will give the socialists nightmares.

Of 2,956 registered voters, the Q-poll says that 47% want the GOP to not only re-take the House of Representatives in November 1014, but they want the GOP to take control of the Senate as well.

Most of the teleprompter readers in the media, including FoxNews, are placing blame squarely upon the Affordable Care Act and its pure failure. However, the Conservative Collective isn’t so sure…

The disgraceful roll-out of the ACA is part of the issue, but the combined media machine had better become more aware that America is simply waking up to the utter failure of Barry’s presidency, looking at the pain and suffering Barry has caused through his incompetent surrogates and are rejecting his progressive agenda. As smart as they think they are, the media, left and right, does not get to decide by simple decree any more than Barry does as a Lenin-wanna-be.

From now until the night America votes in November of next year, the media needs to decide which wagon they will hook themselves to and what the consequences of that decision might be in the future.

Americans need to be relentless in educating themselves on topics and issues facing America. Some Americans will need to decide whether or not they want to be owned by Barry for the price of an iPhone and an EBT card. They will need to decide if they have the intelligence and ambition to become successful without Barry’s help. For the record, the Conservative Collective believes without reservation that they do and they can. If they truly want to succeed on their own, we will not allow them to fail.

47% of America wants Barry’s agenda to come to a halt. They want the ACA to be repealed, they want the green agenda to stop, they want pro-AMERICAN legislation and they want Progressives to stop driving a wedge between races and genders.

But the GOP should not take a win next year as a mandate to do as they please, either. The Conservative Collective is hoping that CONSERVATIVES like Ted Cruz will be installed and progressives like John McCain will be turned out to pasture. The McCains, Cantors and McConnell’s of the world have done more harm than good in the last 5 years and they are no longer worthy of representing us.

A sleepless night in progressive-land tonight, hopefully with many more to come.

Who speaks for the innocents Mandela killed?

A recent gathering of the Conservative Collective brought to mind the question of who would speak for the thousands of innocent men, women and children that were shot, necklaced or vaporized by landmines planted by Nelson and Winnie Mandela’s orders?

For decades Mandela refused to acknowledge his very active, and in fact violent role in South Africa as a practicing communist. Mandela facilitated the purchasing of rifles, ammunition and land mines through MK, his violent arm of the African National Congress. There are photographs easily obtainable that show children turned inside out after coming in contact with a landmine purchased by Nelson Mandela’s MK. Winnie Mandela has said, paraphrasing…”With our matches and necklaces, we will free our country…” Peaceful? The Mandela Gang was peaceful? The facts prove that the Mandelas were common thugs.

In the aftermath, Nelson Mandela did to South Africa what Barry is trying to do to the United States. Mandela helped create a nation of poverty and misery on the backs of black men and women who deserve better…who, at the very least deserve liberty and dignity, both of which Nelson and Winnie Mandela effectively erased.

There was a violent monster inside the Nelson Mandela “grandfather” suit. He was no less a dictator than any other penny-ante progressive tinhorn, and he was just as effective at creating the socialist utopia that all progressives seem to think is out there, but has never been achieved in history.

The Conservative Collective dares any progressive hand-wringer to actively seek the truth about Nelson Mandela. He was a murderer, a thief and in the end, a failure…just like Barry. And just like Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and other historical failures who fell victim to Saul Alinsky and/or Lenin, and whose successes are now measured by the numbers of corpses they created or will create.

Those who hold up Nelson Mandela as being great are those who, like Mandela, have given little of value in life but wish to take everything…by force if necessary.  That progressive mission will prove to be extremely difficult here in the United States.

In fact, it will be impossible. However, socialism needs to be completely revealed if it is to be completely eliminated, so the Conservative Collective says, “Throw off the cloak you progressive cowards, come into the light and let us finish this once and for all”!

Healthcare.gov IS NOT WORKING!!! Barry is lying!!!

The Conservative Collective would like to know how anyone can accept that Barry lied openly and without reservation about the ACA. The fact that it will take away desired insurance coverage, take away doctors, take away treatment and ultimately take away the lives of those Barry considers to have lived out their “usefulness” is the truth, and Barry lied about it.

Why is it that now, two months later, America seems willing to embrace the lie that the ACA system is working. IT IS NOT!!!! BARRY AND HIS CONFEDERATES ARE F’ING LYING TO YOU AGAIN!!! HOW CAN AMERICA BE SO STUPID?!

Just because Barry or Sabilius say the ACA website is working does not make it so. CNN tried and it failed. Fox tried it and it failed. Hell, even Sabilius tried it and it failed.

Get a clue America!

“Gun Safety” is the new “Gun Control”

How typical. The progressive left cannot make a successful argument on a topic largely because they have no facts to stand on, only a weakening agenda. So, absent the truth, the left must manufacture the emotional equivalent…something that will override common sense and reason.

The most obvious of these is “climate change”, which used to be “global warming”. However, when it became obvious even to the scientific community that “global warming” was a myth with no basis in truth, progressive snake-oil salesmen quickly and quietly changed the  stripes on the tiger and inserted “climate change” into the lexicon. Most saw through it immediately.

So it is with “gun control”. The progressive left, knowing that their anti-gun agenda will never move forward if the word “control” is used, has adapted a new brand…called “gun safety”. Now, instead of “gun control” legislation, America’s intelligence will once again be insulted by a simple change of terminology to “gun safety” legislation.

The National Rifle Association began real gun safety education in 1871 and it has never stopped. Highly trained volunteer NRA instructors are spread all over America teaching gun safety in dozens of training disciplines to men women and children in towns and cities everywhere. They teach real safety, not the politics of ownership, because saving lives is the goal of the NRA, not garnering votes which is the sole goal of progressives.

That the progressive left would even use the term “gun safety” is laughable and in fact, they have made themselves a laughing stock. Where the NRA saves lives, the left actually kills folks with their lies regarding firearms. If anything, the anti-gun left should be indicted and imprisoned for crimes against humanity, given the scope of the deadly falsehoods they create and perpetuate.

Too bad for Barry and his stupid lemmings that gun owners have a little more on the ball than the run of the mill “Iphone and EBT card” crowd. Far more, in fact. This continued attack on gun owners cannot help but go badly if the progressive left won’t let it go. By all appearances, the progressives haven’t learned any lessons since 1871, so they will have to be taught…again.

“Gun safety” legislation…what a laugh! What morons!


$15 per flippin’ hour?

seiu-politicsFast food. Greasy burgers an 1/4 inch thick made with what tastes like yesterday’s meat with spray-painted grill marks, slightly warmed in a microwave or tossed lightly on a flat-top so as not to lose the cold center. What is actually supposed to pass as “food” never meets even the most casual definition of the word.

Then, to complete the “fast food” experience, cheese burgers get no cheese, regular burgers get cheese, a request for no tomato guarantees a tomato slice, and then the nasty “food” is passed through a window by an employee with an attitude. Order  two burgers and get one. Order  a side of fries and get none.

The Conservative Collective would like to know why anyone involved with this experience should get $2.00 an hour, let alone $15.00 per hour.

It comes as no surprise that the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is leading a national strong-arm campaign to force fast food restaurant owners to pay the outrageous $15 an hour wage. This would be the same SEIU whose members beat old men is wheelchairs and otherwise use violence as a tactical tool.

The SEIU threat to strike against fast food restaurants could be rather easily handled by closing the restaurants completely for a month or two for “remodeling”. Every restaurant chain, every store. Show the employees the door and tell them to thank the SEIU for forcing them to “remodel”. If they think $8.00 and hour is hell on earth, perhaps they should try $0 an hour and see how that helps pay the bills.

This is America. The owner of a business makes the rules, not the employees or their Barry-sucking union. The employees WORK, and then get paid. If the employee doesn’t like the pay or WORK….they are free to seek Utopia elsewhere. Or, they can start their own business, but that would mean they would have to WORK, and WORK hard.

On the other hand, real sweatshops are just wrong. Emplorees make up the other half of the symbiotic relationship and a smart employer will pay them fairly. Unfortunately, that is where unions tend to screw things up for both the employer and the employee. In the end, only the union does well.

SEIU’s use of force will eventually have to be met with a greater and more righteous force or this kind of extortion will go on forever. Chain the doors shut for a while and show the unions that their actions will have negative consequences for the folks they are supposed to be helping.

SEIU is not helping the American worker.