Happy Birthday, Boss!

Many of the members, nearly all in fact, of the Conservative Collective believe that tomorrow marks the day our lord and savior, Jesus Christ, was born on Earth. Tomorrow will be a glorious celebration of the Lord and the life that was given for us.

The Conservative Collective will always preserve this holiday as sacred in our hearts and lives. As badly as others want to deny us our beliefs, we will not be denied. The spirit of Christmas cannot be taken away if it lives and it cannot be changed if no change is desired.

It seems odd to us that others who profess tolerance and a love for everyone, find it necessary to exclude those who find faith in Jesus Christ from their tolerance and love.

No matter…we don’t require the permisson of anyone to believe and we won’t bow to the wishes of others to be silent. Take away the Christmas trees, the Ten Commandments and burn every single church to the ground and it will mean precisely nothing. The Christmas trees and the Ten Commandments will live in our hearts, while any place where we gather will be our church.

Tomorrow is a holy day. The Prince of Peace was delivered to all the world and that cannot be undone by any man or woman, try as they might. What Jesus Christ taught us is as fixed in time as the stars and in fact, it would be easier to erase the stars.   

In every generation or two, there comes someone or some group that thinks they can stop our love of God and his son. Each has met with failure and failure is the detiny of all who attempt to deny us or faith.

In the meantime, we celebrate. Tomorrow will be a day of glory and love, come what may. Happy Birthday, Boss.