Time for Barry to be fired.

It’s time for Barry to be let go. By resignation or impeachment, Barry needs to be shown the door at the very least for malfeasance. Barring that, his pure unadulterated incompetence should be reason enough.

Barry has spent the past five years effectively trying to pull off a coup d’etat. It has been his mission to overthrow the government of the United States and to replace it with his own bumbling vision of a new Marxist state. Conspiracy theories aside, he has actually, by design or not, put most of the pieces in place to accomplish a coup.

He has misused and mis-spent public funds, broken numerous laws (changing the ACA 14 times by decree), and curried favor in order to gain political advantage. He is guilty of influence peddling and bribery.

In 2012, it was dropping 1 million iPhones into Ohio in order to buy the votes of the folks in that swing state, and now, he’s doing it yet again in order to gain a political advantage in Ohio for the 2014 mid-terms.

A few weeks ago, the US government, under Obama rule remember, sold its remaining shares in General Motors (wait…Barry said he wasn’t in the car making business…oh well, another lie) at a ten BILLION dollar loss. Then, last week (flush with our cash) GM announces that it will invest one BILLION dollars in new factories in Michigan, OHIO (again!) and Illinois (Chicago… remember Barrys old buddy Rahm Emanuel?)

Al Capone could only ever dream that he could do what Barry is doing and this needs to end or the alternative to bringing this situation to an end will fall to the common citizen.

Too many people have been hurt by Barry and too many more will be hurt or worse in the future. The situation in America is no longer a political game and the people of this country are no longer chips to be used by career politicians to fatten their purses.

Now we have in the Oval Office, a tyrant who has publically acknowledged that he fully intends to continue his lawless course and force his progressive agenda on a populace that does not want it, a la Germany in 1934. Some might say that this choice on his part was the intentional throwing of a gaunlet to see which “enemies of the state” might pick it up.

The message to Washington DC, then is this…fire Barry and his posse, or be fired yourselves in November. Ignore that and all bets are off, as are the gloves.