WAR!!! Old GOP vs. New GOP

So now the animosity between the establishment progressive right and the conservative right is being labeled as a “full blown civil war”.

It had to happen and now is an excellent time to winnow out those republican who have sided with the progressive left to ensure the status quo and give each of them a pink slip. They have outlived any usefulness they might have had and at this point in history they are aiding the Barry lemmings in chipping away at the Constitution, which is THE law of the land.

Boehner and McConnell have rolled over and spend their days now waiting for Barry to scratch their bellies and tell them what good boys they are. In recent days, Boehner has actually had the unmitigated balls to tell America that he has never violated a conservative principal. Such a statement is so obviously absurd on its face that any counter-argument would be a waste of time and effort. Boehner’s lie just simply does not rise to the level of being worthy of a response.

A tirade from Boehner such as we witnessed a day ago is born of fear.  He knows that his tenure as a congressman as well as Speaker of the House is in serious jeopardy. He fought valiantly during the last resolution debacle, but that was yesterday. As the old saying goes, “The only easy day was yesterday.”. and it’s no different for Boehner.

When John Boehner blew up at the “alternative” conservatives groups, he blew up at tens of millions of independent and conservative voters who want conservatives in congress, not progressives. His reaction to a simple question goes to show how tightly wound the right-wing rubber band is at the moment, and it is NOT showing signs of loosening.

Boehner would do well to work as hard at unifying the right as he does placating the left. It would be energy better spend if…BIG if here…if he is truly a conservative. He has to realize that his form of republican is a dying breed and there is a new, truly conservative republican on the horizon.

It sucks for Boehner and his allies, but in the words of that high class woman Nancy Pelosi, Boehner should just “embrace the suck.”, and assimilate into the new conservatism. Together, the new republicans could then sweep the 2014 elections and Barry out of office.

The alternative is that he and his buddies will lose any “war” and then he can move to the porch and watch.