Q-POLL: 47% of voters want GOP to take Congress

If one can believe polls, and we all know that the progressive left lives and breathes based upon polls, a new Quinnipiac poll released today will give the socialists nightmares.

Of 2,956 registered voters, the Q-poll says that 47% want the GOP to not only re-take the House of Representatives in November 1014, but they want the GOP to take control of the Senate as well.

Most of the teleprompter readers in the media, including FoxNews, are placing blame squarely upon the Affordable Care Act and its pure failure. However, the Conservative Collective isn’t so sure…

The disgraceful roll-out of the ACA is part of the issue, but the combined media machine had better become more aware that America is simply waking up to the utter failure of Barry’s presidency, looking at the pain and suffering Barry has caused through his incompetent surrogates and are rejecting his progressive agenda. As smart as they think they are, the media, left and right, does not get to decide by simple decree any more than Barry does as a Lenin-wanna-be.

From now until the night America votes in November of next year, the media needs to decide which wagon they will hook themselves to and what the consequences of that decision might be in the future.

Americans need to be relentless in educating themselves on topics and issues facing America. Some Americans will need to decide whether or not they want to be owned by Barry for the price of an iPhone and an EBT card. They will need to decide if they have the intelligence and ambition to become successful without Barry’s help. For the record, the Conservative Collective believes without reservation that they do and they can. If they truly want to succeed on their own, we will not allow them to fail.

47% of America wants Barry’s agenda to come to a halt. They want the ACA to be repealed, they want the green agenda to stop, they want pro-AMERICAN legislation and they want Progressives to stop driving a wedge between races and genders.

But the GOP should not take a win next year as a mandate to do as they please, either. The Conservative Collective is hoping that CONSERVATIVES like Ted Cruz will be installed and progressives like John McCain will be turned out to pasture. The McCains, Cantors and McConnell’s of the world have done more harm than good in the last 5 years and they are no longer worthy of representing us.

A sleepless night in progressive-land tonight, hopefully with many more to come.