IS NOT WORKING!!! Barry is lying!!!

The Conservative Collective would like to know how anyone can accept that Barry lied openly and without reservation about the ACA. The fact that it will take away desired insurance coverage, take away doctors, take away treatment and ultimately take away the lives of those Barry considers to have lived out their “usefulness” is the truth, and Barry lied about it.

Why is it that now, two months later, America seems willing to embrace the lie that the ACA system is working. IT IS NOT!!!! BARRY AND HIS CONFEDERATES ARE F’ING LYING TO YOU AGAIN!!! HOW CAN AMERICA BE SO STUPID?!

Just because Barry or Sabilius say the ACA website is working does not make it so. CNN tried and it failed. Fox tried it and it failed. Hell, even Sabilius tried it and it failed.

Get a clue America!