$15 per flippin’ hour?

seiu-politicsFast food. Greasy burgers an 1/4 inch thick made with what tastes like yesterday’s meat with spray-painted grill marks, slightly warmed in a microwave or tossed lightly on a flat-top so as not to lose the cold center. What is actually supposed to pass as “food” never meets even the most casual definition of the word.

Then, to complete the “fast food” experience, cheese burgers get no cheese, regular burgers get cheese, a request for no tomato guarantees a tomato slice, and then the nasty “food” is passed through a window by an employee with an attitude. Order  two burgers and get one. Order  a side of fries and get none.

The Conservative Collective would like to know why anyone involved with this experience should get $2.00 an hour, let alone $15.00 per hour.

It comes as no surprise that the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is leading a national strong-arm campaign to force fast food restaurant owners to pay the outrageous $15 an hour wage. This would be the same SEIU whose members beat old men is wheelchairs and otherwise use violence as a tactical tool.

The SEIU threat to strike against fast food restaurants could be rather easily handled by closing the restaurants completely for a month or two for “remodeling”. Every restaurant chain, every store. Show the employees the door and tell them to thank the SEIU for forcing them to “remodel”. If they think $8.00 and hour is hell on earth, perhaps they should try $0 an hour and see how that helps pay the bills.

This is America. The owner of a business makes the rules, not the employees or their Barry-sucking union. The employees WORK, and then get paid. If the employee doesn’t like the pay or WORK….they are free to seek Utopia elsewhere. Or, they can start their own business, but that would mean they would have to WORK, and WORK hard.

On the other hand, real sweatshops are just wrong. Emplorees make up the other half of the symbiotic relationship and a smart employer will pay them fairly. Unfortunately, that is where unions tend to screw things up for both the employer and the employee. In the end, only the union does well.

SEIU’s use of force will eventually have to be met with a greater and more righteous force or this kind of extortion will go on forever. Chain the doors shut for a while and show the unions that their actions will have negative consequences for the folks they are supposed to be helping.

SEIU is not helping the American worker.