Burgers and airplane wings

Not commonly associated items, granted. However, they are closely related as it turns out.

Progressives depend on generational stupidity and greed. They feed on the fact that the young are easily influenced by guilt and that a huge number of Americans will do just about anything for something they perceive as being “free”.

The larger number of children whose parents entrust them to a public education is precisely what progressive require, The children, in any grade, are trusting and very maleable and the progressive liberal knows that once they leave the protection of mommy and daddy, they can begin re-education. Add a dash of progressive patience, and the recipe is complete. Cooking the children takes years, but in the end, there is a generation of self-absorbed and often violent young progressives. Ever wonder why the leftists hate home schooling so vehemently? It’s because at home, the progressives mission is undermined by the truth.

So, here we are…kids killing folks for “biggie” jackets or looting retail stores without giving any thought to right or wrong. There are no moral boundaries, only moral bankruptcy. All of this chaos may seem to be unrelated, but at it’s core, it was installed by design. What America is living is the reality of the progressive model and it hasn’t changed since Lenin. The operative word is “punishment” and the goal is to punish anyone who will not obey.

But, progressives lie by nature, and there are many who will believe the lies simply because that is the easier way to exist. Historically, when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of change, the world changes. So it is now with Barry and his lying group of mucksuckers.

But, as America transitions away from the progressive lunacy, isn’t it comforting to know that as long as Barry’s zombies are flipping burgers wrong, they won’t be putting wings on airplanes?



He lied outright and boldly…

Yes. Barry lied to America boldly and without reservation when he told us all that we could keep the doctors that are keeping us alive. He lied to us all with a straight face and glee in his heart that he could do it and there was no force on Earth that could do anything about it.

Barry likes to lie. It’s actually his primary weapon in all things politics. He knows that if he were to simply try impose his vision, which is the REAL dream, it would go down quite literally in smoke. The Conservative Collective speaks often about those times when Barry’s frustration with conservatives that will not back down or bow to his will is apparent. It’s a visible clenching of his teeth and jaw, along with rapidly blinking eyes that reveal his inner anger.

He’s been lying to all of us for 20 years. His lies are evident in his Senate voting record, his speeches and interviews, and in his use of executive orders. He has lied to minimize the power of Congress and  he has lied to maximize Barry the Narcissist.

Like a cancer, Barry’s lies spread to those who protect him, Jay Carney must lie, Harry Reid must lie, Dick Durbin must lie, John “I served in Vietnam” Kerry must lie, Nancy Pelosi must lie, Lois Lerner must lie, Kathleen Sibilius must lie and so it goes down the list.

Apparently, Barry’s daddy was correct when he said, paraphrasing, “You can tax people up to 100% if they believe that what they receive from government is of equal value…” Big Barry was correct. In contemporary America, all Barry has done is to convince the stupid and lazy that the government gift of a cell phone is equal to their liberty.

The lies don’t matter when Barry is giving you free stuff, but there are always conditions when you make a deal with the Devil and in the end, there will be untold suffering and pain because the Devil does not like to lose. Everyone in America who has taken anything of value from Barry is now part of his demonic army, and he knows it. They are all slaves on Barry’s new world plantation,,,and he knows it.

Yup. Barry lied in front of God and everybody, but when one worships  a pedophile and the fate of the slaves don’t matter, the lies become just another tool like the unions are a tool.

Barry’s rule over America will be short-lived because good always triumphs over evil. In the end, America will look back at this time and thank the brave souls who stood up and said “Enough lying!”



Chris Christie…a conservative?

Anybody who believes that the answer to the question above is yes, is…well…as much a liberal progressive as Governor Christie.

Look, folks…this is NOT that difficult. New Jersey is a state that is lousy with liberalism. The stink of liberalism comes out of every manhole and roadside storm drain in the state. Just because Christie was forced to butt heads with a teachers union does not make him a conservative. Rep. Trey Gowdy is a conservative. Rep. Ted Cruz is a conservative. Sarah Palin is a conservative. Christie is not.

Don’t misunderstand the Conservative Collective. A photo of Christie embracing Barry is not worthy of notice, let alone commentary. The fact that Christie is little more than a political schoolyard bully is likewise boring and irrelevant. However, when a politician who has labeled himself as a “conservative” garners the favor of the progressive faithful by large margins, as Christie did, that manhole smell becomes pretty powerful.

We at the Conservative Collective think that a misadventure may be afoot. In 2016, for example, if Ted Cruz were to run for president, what would the reaction be if Cruz swept California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts? Would anyone wonder if something was amiss? Well, the same holds true for Christie. If a majority of die-hard liberal progressives in Jersey voted for Christie because he’s a conservative…well, the high level of suspicion here is well warranted we think.

The catterwalling of the Christie-ites like Ann Coulter can be heard from here, so we submit that liberal progressives do not vote for conservatives...EVER! The sun will blink out, hell will freeze over and Barry will become an NRA life member before a progressive socialist will ever vote for the likes of Rand Paul. Won’t happen…ever. But they voted for Christie, so…

An old adage is, “Even a blind hog finds an acorn every now and again…”. So it is with Christie. Every now and again, he may find it expedient to look and perhaps even act like a conservative, but Christie is NO conservative and further, he deserves NO place on any presidential ticket in 2016.

But he shouldn’t worry. Hillary will be thrilled to have him aboard.



Cancer pain and politics

The Conservative Collective never thought that these two would ever be a reality in the United States unless the nation were brought to its knees by a socialist hoard, a la “Red Dawn”. But nonetheless, here we are and the reality is that those with cancer can expect to lose the oncologists, surgeons and other members of their cancer team because of Barack Hussein Obama.

Having cancer is VERY expensive. The initial treatments, such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy can easily run up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Monthly CT scans or MRI’s run around $3,000 each and some, like some members of the Conservative Collective get monthly injections that reduce symptoms, ease pain or simply keep them alive. Think about the fact that many of these injections cost well over $1,200 each, with some costing as much as $10,000 a month. In Barry’s brave, new world these injections will no longer be available unless Americans have the cash on hand to pay for them out of pocket. No cash? You are dead, because Barry will not give you hundreds of thousands in subsidies that would better serve America by providing tissues for snotty nosed progressives.

As for the pain of cancer, well there are no words to describe it. Childbirth has been used in comparison, but apparently, that is a very, very distant second. Members of the Comservative Collective describe the pain, as best they can, this way…

“Imagine having a white-hot hook from a tow truck hooked to your bowels and then the truck then pulling slowly away, only to stop for 30 seconds and then do it again. The pain is so intense that you lie curled into a ball on the bathroom floor and your screams make your family weep because they are helpless. At some point, just ending the pain by any means becomes an overwhelming obsession.”

“Then, imagine vomiting every piece of food up after it sits in the small bowel long enough to become a greenish-brown, half food and half feces soup. Now, imagine that scenario going on 24 hours a day, for 6 months. Imagine that you lose over 100 pounds in that time and you don’t even recognize yourself in the mirror.” Our friend then ends the description by saying, “Multiply that by ten and you’ll be as close as I can get you without actually going through it.”

Then, we are told,  imagine the relief when you get the surgery that stops it all, but the cost is $190,000 for the FIRST surgery. The second costs $130,000, cheaper because all that was done was to cut a major organ in half, effectively removing 90% of the tumors. The money means nothing…because you’re alive to see a grandchild be born which is what you begged God to let happen before the cancer kills you. So there is happiness deep in your soul, as God has answered your prayers…again.

But all of that will be gone because of Barack Hussein Obama. Having cancer will once again be a death sentence for millions like it was in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Killing the elderly and the sick is an integral part of the Affordable Care Act, with Ezekiel “The Reaper” Emanuel leading the charge with Barry’s blessings. You heart patients out there will be in essentially the same boat.

The Conservative Collective is uncomfortable with the descriptive nature of this post, but we feel as though the realities of Barry’s “Death Care Plan” are being discussed by children who are afraid of the boogeyman. Barry IS the boogeyman, and we have no fear of him.

But, like our friend and fellow conservative freedom-fighter says, “I like to think that if I have the cancer, a child somewhere in the world won’t have it…That makes it worth it”


Move over Detroit…New York City is moving in!

Just when we all thought that Detroit was the rectum of America, comes the news that the communist sympathizer, De Blasio, is now the mayor of The Big Apple. The “rich” in New York City…soon to be those who make over $2,000 a year, are about to find out precisely what made life in the former U.S.S.R. so thrilling and glorious.

The financial enema that is about to befall the upstanding citizens of Metropolis is exactly what is needed to give the good folks in Virginia a preview of what their lives will be like in short order. Call us crazy, but the Conservative Collective thinks that it can see the state of “New Virginia” on the horizon, snuggled in right between West By-Golly and Ol’ Virginee!

The “New” New York City just might be destined to become the set for “Escape to New York III…Rainbows and Unicorns”…if they are lucky and Mikey Bloomberg is available to play “Snake” Pliskin.

What fun!

Ross Perot lives on in 2013!

Yes he does…and it appears as though Perot will live forever, channeled through the heart of the American Libertarian.

The election last evening of a proven left-wing mealy-mouthed progressive to the one-time honorable and now tainted office of the governor in the state of Virginia had very little to do with the will of the people. At it’s core, the election was about progressive socialists doing what they had to do to remain in power. In this case, a billionaire friend of Barry’s got the Libertarian candidate on the ballot, knowing that doing so would siphon a percentage of the vote away from the conservative. In the Virginia case, it was only a few points, but that was plenty in a close race.

Then, the Libertarians dutifully voted for the “puppet of Barry’s choice”, and handed the state over to Barry on a silver platter. Very clever, but nothing new…this has been happening for many, many election cycles and the folks who blindly vote Libertarian have been helping socialists for years.

The Conservative Collective has been asked…”when will they learn…?”, and we have to believe that they are not meant to learn, ever. It is the role of the Libertarian to obey and nothing more, kind of like a worker ant. Think about the roles of the masses for a second. A union worker is simply meant to do what they are told by their leadership. Their role is to hold signs, walk for miles while chanting inane slogans and to intimidate non-members. But in the end, their bosses get rich, while the union worker-ant gets an old cell phone, or at best, a phone and 200 bucks a month on an EBT card that can be shut off if they get uppity.

Happily, the rest of America has been watching as well, for the Conservative Collective is also getting comments like “I fell for it, but not this time…” and “I feel like I just woke up from a deep sleep…”. Make no mistake, if the Libertarian Party were replaced with a Constitutional Party, the progressive socialists would infect that group as well and using the same strategy, would pervert it to win elections.

The secessionist movement will destroy the progressive left. What America needs now is to abandon the Libertarian Party and concentrate on forming ten new, conservative states that will help take back the White House and Congress. Progressives can put on a “republcan” disguise, but they can never live as a conservative, with conservative principles. Whenever they make the attempt, they explode…figuratively, of course.

So, it’s time for Ross Perot to rest in peace and time for the progressive movement to lay down next to him.

When a boot is on your neck, does it matter whether it’s the right or left?

Nope. It doesn’t matter at all. When one is being stepped on, which foot is being used becomes largely academic. The heavy boots of government are surely pressing down on Americans, squeezing the life out of them every hour of every day.

Whether the boot is on the foot of Harry Reid or John McCain is completely irrelevant, as the crushing pain is the same. The theft of your money and the future of the nation? Precisely the same. The desire to rid the planet of the old and sick? No difference there either.

When government strips us all of the ability to pursue life, liberty and happiness, our most sacred document has been shredded and it no longer makes any difference to the Conservative Collective who actually preformed the shredding. The point is, we will not kneel at the alter of Saul Alinsky, regardless of how hard the boots press down.

So, our only hope is that other Constitutionalists will join Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Ted Yoho and Trey Gowdy in the halls of Congress and turn back the progressive hoard that infects the once-honorable, but now oozing, halls of Washington, DC.

We’re done. The yoke must be cast off by any prudent means available, and it must be cast off quickly if America is to survive the next twelve months. America is split, by design, almost exactly down the middle and the half that opposes Barry must be dealt with if the progressive agenda is to continue. How that will happen will be revealed in short order, because the 2014 mid-term elections MUST be made to favor the progressive left or the progressive agenda will be in jeopardy.

Barry is not at all concerned with lying to America boldly and unashamedly in order to achieve the Alinsky vision. He will buy, sell, cheat and steal because the Alinsky rulebook says it’s OK to do that in order to complete the progressive mission. But he’s not alone.

Think of all of the individuals and/or organizations that have provided cover for Barry or tried to disable the Constitutionalists, including those who claim to be conservative, but are in truth, only liars like the other liars.

They all wear the boots.