Sarah Palin, one class act

It doesn’t get much better than Sarah Palin. A christian, conservative, intelligent and classy lady. Palin makes an absolute mockery of the men and women who populate the left side of the political spectrum, apparently without effort.

She is hated by the progressive left because she always represents a political threat and secondly, because she is not intimidated by the likes of…well, anybody. The snobby and clownish buffoonery of someone like a Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi only seems to make Palin snicker as she very politely and with her down to earth air, tears them “a new one”.

Having class is something that the great seem to possess naturally. A solid upbringing where respect for self and others certainly plays a role, but having class is  the result of an inner courage that allows one to take hits while returning smiles. Those who possess class know almost by instinct when to say something and what to say, and when to do something and what to do. It has to do with learning from the trials that are part of life and using those experiences to do what is good and decent.

Sarah Palin has class in abundance.

Palin is not done, by a long stretch. There is a feeling among the Conservative Collective that she will somehow lead the charge in November of 2014 to take the Senate away from the progressive mucksuckers now embedded like fat congressional ticks. Palin’s time has arrived…she has been forged in the crucible and she is strong.

The left is stupid if they are not looking for Palin over their shoulders.