You want it Harry…? You got it!!

The Conservative Collectives’ analysis of Hary Reid changing the rules of the Senate is straightforward.

Harry Reid is little more than an automaton for Barry. Barry says, “Harry…sit up!”, and Harry does as he is told. This time, Barry is watching his Alinsky agenda crumble before his eyes because he  and his White House lemmings are inept. It is very obvious that down the road, perhaps after November 2014, Barry needed more liberal judges. But the enormous Otramacare cockup has put continued progressive control of the Senate in doubt.

No matter what, Barry will NEED those judges for things like immigration, gun control and putting Americans on cattle cars so they can be taken to FEMA reeducation camps (last one was a joke…but, not really). Barry needs to push the timetable forward…

So he calls his little syncophant to the White House and tells Harry, “Look…Americans do NOTHING when you break the law or overstep your power, so just chage the rules by yourself so I can have my damned judges!”  Harry grovels, kisses Barry’s boots and scurries away to do his masters’ bidding.

In the aftermath, there are those Republican morons who insist that when they have control of Congress THEY will use the new rules to beat up the progressives. The Conservative Collective would use this show of stupidity as a prime example of why the Republican Old Guard needs to be unceremoniouly tossed next year.

Barry and Harry have no intention of turning this over to the opposition! The progressive left hasn’t come this far just to see conservatives reverse everything they’ve worked 70 years to accomplish. C’mon people! Don’t be stupid!

By this time next year, if conservatives don’t take back Congress, Barry will own America from sea to shining sea. Retirement accounts will be nationalized, every resource from any source will become a government asset and every aspect of how we live (or die) will be in the hands of Barry.

But Barry forgot one thing. There is a resistance movement and it grows larger by the day. So, Harry you fired the first political shot. You want this…you got it!