The Knockout Game

There is nothing new in the reports of The Knockout Game. Black teenagers have been engaged in this “game”, as a right of passage, for many, many years in high schools across America. In our schools, it was contained, but now the genie has gotten out onto our streets.

Of course, no one has the courage to look this issue in the face and call it what it is. The huge majority of the cases involve black men and the victims are largely white, This is racism, pure and simple. These are black bigots attacking innocent pedestrians based purely on the fact that they are non-black.  

Apparently, some in black America still believe that white America needs to attone for something, usually in the much too convenient form of financial restitution.The Conservative Collective would opine that there has been enough money spent on such nonsense. If black America can make slavery a white issue for 155 years, then the Knockout Game is certainly a black issue that needs to be addressed…and quickly.

Solutions from the Conservative Collective? Everybody should be aware of who is with striking range of them at all times. Predictions? There will be a self-defense shooting wherein one of these game players tries to punch a person who is armed and the attacker will be killed.

It will be curious then to see who brings up the Trayvon Martin case first. It was that case in which an “unarmed” Martin was trying to cave in the head of an armed Zimmerman. But as the Knockout Game proves, a single blow to the head can kill.

It’s time for Jesse jackson and Al Sharpton to earn their wages and put an end to this vicious “game” before someone else does.