How does “busted” feel, Barry?

Barry, you are SOOO busted! Finally, America gets to glance  behind the curtain and see that the wizard is just another power-hungry, self-adoring, ego-centric, cold-hearted, morally bankrupt and mucksucking failed leftist.

Now, the question the Conservative Collective would like to have an answer to is, what do we do with this worthless piece of jetsam? Bernie Madoff is in prison for doing far less than Barry has done folks. In a progressive liberal world that is all about punishing the weathy, the white, the male and the independant, why should Barry not be held responsible for what his lemmings have done?

Valerie Jarrett is holding secret talks with Iran? When did she become an American ambassador to anything or anywhere? Our future rests in the hands of Jarett and her Alinsky blindness? Oh wait…Barry probably didn’t know anything about her little junkets (wink…wink).

Yeah, he did. This is just another illegal action in a long line of illegal actions taken by this buffoon. The simple fact is, America is just too fat, too dumb and too lazy to push itself out of the lounge chair and swich Barry’s channel. 

While the paperwork to impeach Eric Holder is floating around in the halls ot Congress, this would be the ideal time to file charges against Barry and end his attempt at being a ruler.  At the very least, impeachment proceedings would keep Barry’s trangressions in front of the American voter, where they should be right about now.

As the water circles the drain, history once again can live with a knowing smirk on its face, saying…”I told you so…”