O’Care is so awsome, lets’s do immigration!

After seeing just how badly the progressive liberals screwed up Otraumacare, it is astounding that anyone, anywhere within the borders of America would even think about letting Barry’s team of trolls roll out an immigration program.

One colossal cluster ____ hasn’t even been fixed yet, and already the progressive socialists are ready to spend more money on another program more properly entitled, “The Let’s Let Anyone Who Will Vote For Obama Into The United States And Give Them Money Stolen From Anybody Who Ever Worked Hard To Earn A Decent, Honest Living Act”.

This is the future. Bending the truth…lying…smoke and mirrors…more lying…a little more bending…secret meetings…hiding…more lying…a bribe here, a bribe there…a threat here, a threat there… This is what we on the right knew was coming, and this is what our children will have to live with as time passes. The Obama “nothing up my sleeve” brand of circus performer turned politician is what stupid and lazy Americans have traded their liberty for and they deserve what they get.

So, let’s recap. The progressive left has absolutely turned Otraumacare into social fecal matter and they will do they same to immigration. Then, they will turn to gun control and…oh, by the way…we’re not stealing money fast enough to pay for Otraumacare, so we’re going to make “adjustments” to the way your retirement funds are handled. Thank you very much. BAMMO! Your retirement has just been nationalized.

Can one imagine that all of this will happen because a bunch of dummies voted for the guy who could lie the best? AGAIN?