He lied outright and boldly…

Yes. Barry lied to America boldly and without reservation when he told us all that we could keep the doctors that are keeping us alive. He lied to us all with a straight face and glee in his heart that he could do it and there was no force on Earth that could do anything about it.

Barry likes to lie. It’s actually his primary weapon in all things politics. He knows that if he were to simply try impose his vision, which is the REAL dream, it would go down quite literally in smoke. The Conservative Collective speaks often about those times when Barry’s frustration with conservatives that will not back down or bow to his will is apparent. It’s a visible clenching of his teeth and jaw, along with rapidly blinking eyes that reveal his inner anger.

He’s been lying to all of us for 20 years. His lies are evident in his Senate voting record, his speeches and interviews, and in his use of executive orders. He has lied to minimize the power of Congress and  he has lied to maximize Barry the Narcissist.

Like a cancer, Barry’s lies spread to those who protect him, Jay Carney must lie, Harry Reid must lie, Dick Durbin must lie, John “I served in Vietnam” Kerry must lie, Nancy Pelosi must lie, Lois Lerner must lie, Kathleen Sibilius must lie and so it goes down the list.

Apparently, Barry’s daddy was correct when he said, paraphrasing, “You can tax people up to 100% if they believe that what they receive from government is of equal value…” Big Barry was correct. In contemporary America, all Barry has done is to convince the stupid and lazy that the government gift of a cell phone is equal to their liberty.

The lies don’t matter when Barry is giving you free stuff, but there are always conditions when you make a deal with the Devil and in the end, there will be untold suffering and pain because the Devil does not like to lose. Everyone in America who has taken anything of value from Barry is now part of his demonic army, and he knows it. They are all slaves on Barry’s new world plantation,,,and he knows it.

Yup. Barry lied in front of God and everybody, but when one worships  a pedophile and the fate of the slaves don’t matter, the lies become just another tool like the unions are a tool.

Barry’s rule over America will be short-lived because good always triumphs over evil. In the end, America will look back at this time and thank the brave souls who stood up and said “Enough lying!”