Burgers and airplane wings

Not commonly associated items, granted. However, they are closely related as it turns out.

Progressives depend on generational stupidity and greed. They feed on the fact that the young are easily influenced by guilt and that a huge number of Americans will do just about anything for something they perceive as being “free”.

The larger number of children whose parents entrust them to a public education is precisely what progressive require, The children, in any grade, are trusting and very maleable and the progressive liberal knows that once they leave the protection of mommy and daddy, they can begin re-education. Add a dash of progressive patience, and the recipe is complete. Cooking the children takes years, but in the end, there is a generation of self-absorbed and often violent young progressives. Ever wonder why the leftists hate home schooling so vehemently? It’s because at home, the progressives mission is undermined by the truth.

So, here we are…kids killing folks for “biggie” jackets or looting retail stores without giving any thought to right or wrong. There are no moral boundaries, only moral bankruptcy. All of this chaos may seem to be unrelated, but at it’s core, it was installed by design. What America is living is the reality of the progressive model and it hasn’t changed since Lenin. The operative word is “punishment” and the goal is to punish anyone who will not obey.

But, progressives lie by nature, and there are many who will believe the lies simply because that is the easier way to exist. Historically, when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of change, the world changes. So it is now with Barry and his lying group of mucksuckers.

But, as America transitions away from the progressive lunacy, isn’t it comforting to know that as long as Barry’s zombies are flipping burgers wrong, they won’t be putting wings on airplanes?