Chris Christie…a conservative?

Anybody who believes that the answer to the question above is yes, is…well…as much a liberal progressive as Governor Christie.

Look, folks…this is NOT that difficult. New Jersey is a state that is lousy with liberalism. The stink of liberalism comes out of every manhole and roadside storm drain in the state. Just because Christie was forced to butt heads with a teachers union does not make him a conservative. Rep. Trey Gowdy is a conservative. Rep. Ted Cruz is a conservative. Sarah Palin is a conservative. Christie is not.

Don’t misunderstand the Conservative Collective. A photo of Christie embracing Barry is not worthy of notice, let alone commentary. The fact that Christie is little more than a political schoolyard bully is likewise boring and irrelevant. However, when a politician who has labeled himself as a “conservative” garners the favor of the progressive faithful by large margins, as Christie did, that manhole smell becomes pretty powerful.

We at the Conservative Collective think that a misadventure may be afoot. In 2016, for example, if Ted Cruz were to run for president, what would the reaction be if Cruz swept California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts? Would anyone wonder if something was amiss? Well, the same holds true for Christie. If a majority of die-hard liberal progressives in Jersey voted for Christie because he’s a conservative…well, the high level of suspicion here is well warranted we think.

The catterwalling of the Christie-ites like Ann Coulter can be heard from here, so we submit that liberal progressives do not vote for conservatives...EVER! The sun will blink out, hell will freeze over and Barry will become an NRA life member before a progressive socialist will ever vote for the likes of Rand Paul. Won’t happen…ever. But they voted for Christie, so…

An old adage is, “Even a blind hog finds an acorn every now and again…”. So it is with Christie. Every now and again, he may find it expedient to look and perhaps even act like a conservative, but Christie is NO conservative and further, he deserves NO place on any presidential ticket in 2016.

But he shouldn’t worry. Hillary will be thrilled to have him aboard.