Cancer pain and politics

The Conservative Collective never thought that these two would ever be a reality in the United States unless the nation were brought to its knees by a socialist hoard, a la “Red Dawn”. But nonetheless, here we are and the reality is that those with cancer can expect to lose the oncologists, surgeons and other members of their cancer team because of Barack Hussein Obama.

Having cancer is VERY expensive. The initial treatments, such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy can easily run up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Monthly CT scans or MRI’s run around $3,000 each and some, like some members of the Conservative Collective get monthly injections that reduce symptoms, ease pain or simply keep them alive. Think about the fact that many of these injections cost well over $1,200 each, with some costing as much as $10,000 a month. In Barry’s brave, new world these injections will no longer be available unless Americans have the cash on hand to pay for them out of pocket. No cash? You are dead, because Barry will not give you hundreds of thousands in subsidies that would better serve America by providing tissues for snotty nosed progressives.

As for the pain of cancer, well there are no words to describe it. Childbirth has been used in comparison, but apparently, that is a very, very distant second. Members of the Comservative Collective describe the pain, as best they can, this way…

“Imagine having a white-hot hook from a tow truck hooked to your bowels and then the truck then pulling slowly away, only to stop for 30 seconds and then do it again. The pain is so intense that you lie curled into a ball on the bathroom floor and your screams make your family weep because they are helpless. At some point, just ending the pain by any means becomes an overwhelming obsession.”

“Then, imagine vomiting every piece of food up after it sits in the small bowel long enough to become a greenish-brown, half food and half feces soup. Now, imagine that scenario going on 24 hours a day, for 6 months. Imagine that you lose over 100 pounds in that time and you don’t even recognize yourself in the mirror.” Our friend then ends the description by saying, “Multiply that by ten and you’ll be as close as I can get you without actually going through it.”

Then, we are told,  imagine the relief when you get the surgery that stops it all, but the cost is $190,000 for the FIRST surgery. The second costs $130,000, cheaper because all that was done was to cut a major organ in half, effectively removing 90% of the tumors. The money means nothing…because you’re alive to see a grandchild be born which is what you begged God to let happen before the cancer kills you. So there is happiness deep in your soul, as God has answered your prayers…again.

But all of that will be gone because of Barack Hussein Obama. Having cancer will once again be a death sentence for millions like it was in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Killing the elderly and the sick is an integral part of the Affordable Care Act, with Ezekiel “The Reaper” Emanuel leading the charge with Barry’s blessings. You heart patients out there will be in essentially the same boat.

The Conservative Collective is uncomfortable with the descriptive nature of this post, but we feel as though the realities of Barry’s “Death Care Plan” are being discussed by children who are afraid of the boogeyman. Barry IS the boogeyman, and we have no fear of him.

But, like our friend and fellow conservative freedom-fighter says, “I like to think that if I have the cancer, a child somewhere in the world won’t have it…That makes it worth it”