Ross Perot lives on in 2013!

Yes he does…and it appears as though Perot will live forever, channeled through the heart of the American Libertarian.

The election last evening of a proven left-wing mealy-mouthed progressive to the one-time honorable and now tainted office of the governor in the state of Virginia had very little to do with the will of the people. At it’s core, the election was about progressive socialists doing what they had to do to remain in power. In this case, a billionaire friend of Barry’s got the Libertarian candidate on the ballot, knowing that doing so would siphon a percentage of the vote away from the conservative. In the Virginia case, it was only a few points, but that was plenty in a close race.

Then, the Libertarians dutifully voted for the “puppet of Barry’s choice”, and handed the state over to Barry on a silver platter. Very clever, but nothing new…this has been happening for many, many election cycles and the folks who blindly vote Libertarian have been helping socialists for years.

The Conservative Collective has been asked…”when will they learn…?”, and we have to believe that they are not meant to learn, ever. It is the role of the Libertarian to obey and nothing more, kind of like a worker ant. Think about the roles of the masses for a second. A union worker is simply meant to do what they are told by their leadership. Their role is to hold signs, walk for miles while chanting inane slogans and to intimidate non-members. But in the end, their bosses get rich, while the union worker-ant gets an old cell phone, or at best, a phone and 200 bucks a month on an EBT card that can be shut off if they get uppity.

Happily, the rest of America has been watching as well, for the Conservative Collective is also getting comments like “I fell for it, but not this time…” and “I feel like I just woke up from a deep sleep…”. Make no mistake, if the Libertarian Party were replaced with a Constitutional Party, the progressive socialists would infect that group as well and using the same strategy, would pervert it to win elections.

The secessionist movement will destroy the progressive left. What America needs now is to abandon the Libertarian Party and concentrate on forming ten new, conservative states that will help take back the White House and Congress. Progressives can put on a “republcan” disguise, but they can never live as a conservative, with conservative principles. Whenever they make the attempt, they explode…figuratively, of course.

So, it’s time for Ross Perot to rest in peace and time for the progressive movement to lay down next to him.