What’s a guy got to do to get impeached around here?

The Conservative Collective wants to know what it takes to just START impeachment proceedings against Barry. Does he have to set fire to a bus full of nuns? No, apparently even THAT wouldn’t hurt him. Maybe clubbing a few baby seals would do the trick…

There’s something really odd at work here. “High crimes”, as defined for the purpose of impeachment, are simply higher standards for public officials, not actual crimes of any kind. So here we have a guy who has deliberately ignored his obligation to defend the Constitution of the United States, and what happens…? Nothing.

Here is a guy who has actually broken the law by unilaterally modifying codified law without constitutional authority and everybody stands around like it’s just another Monday. Even the least informed across the land are recognizing that Barry is destroying jobs and taking more and more money out of their pockets. But still, they seem to be in a trance of some kind, just blinking and doing little else of value to help the nation.

Barry’s history is long. GM, Chrysler, Cash for Clunkers, Solyndra, Tesla, ACORN, the NSA, the IRS, Benghazi, gun-running in Mexico and Libya and now Obamacare. The list is very lengthy and each of the trespasses is worthy of being called “high crimes”. The Conservative Collective cannot recollect the name of a single president who has intentionally caused more chaos or pain in America than Barry has, but why is he given a free pass?

What would the elections next year be like if Barry was directly in the middle of all of his crimes being brought front and center for all Americans to see and remember? What would the political ads look like given all of the video and quotes from progressives like Hillary Clinton and Lois Lerner?

Getting Barry impeached should be easy, if not this year, then next year when conservatives own both houses of Congress. But still, the time is NOW to begin the process and pull out the list of what Barry has done to all of us. It’s time to ignore all of the other “news” being used to distract us and concentrate on throwing Barry out of the Oval Office and into jail.

Some say it’s never been done before, but the Conservative Collective prefers the saying…”There’s a first time for everything…”