Vote progressive…and die!

The op-ed piece recently authored by a woman who has lost her insurance coverage and thereby, her ability to combat her lethal cancer, should shoot up a flare for all cancer patients. You are now marked for forced participation in a “reduction of resource appropriations”.

The Conservative Collectives has within it’s swelling ranks many men and women who will perish without impeccable, world-class care. But then there are those like Ezekiel Emanuel, who embrace the concept that many human beings such as the elderly and those with cancer, just consume resources that would be better utilized satisfying other issues.

To put it bluntly, there are those in the Barry White House who just want some folks to die so that more Obama-phones can be handed out or more benefits can be doled out to  illegal aliens. Here is how stupid Emanuel thinks you, the reader, are;

Emanuel actually maintains that insurance companies are responsible for Americans losing their insurance coverage, not Otraumacare and by association, Barry himself. Barry is directly responsible for the pain being inflicted on America, make no mistake.

So what he wants us to accept is that even if Otraumacare had never happened, these same folks would still have lost their insurance plans.That is the stuff that bulls**t is made of, ladies and gentlemen. The fact is, that Barry was absolutely correct when he said recently…”I’m good at killing people…”

He’s becoming very good at it boys and girls…maybe TOO good at it. The Conservative Collective can see the end game and it does not include millions of those we love. That makes it our duty to act in self-defense against those who would champion the deaths of our friends and families.

“Send forth love and you shall receive the same”