Remember this?


Think about what Barry has done to Israel. Then ponder for a moment on how Barry has treated the muslim world. If one cannot recognize  the obvious difference or appreciate the why of it, then one does not want to see or appreciate the difference.

But…you will do both, and sooner than you think.

Sarah Palin, one class act

It doesn’t get much better than Sarah Palin. A christian, conservative, intelligent and classy lady. Palin makes an absolute mockery of the men and women who populate the left side of the political spectrum, apparently without effort.

She is hated by the progressive left because she always represents a political threat and secondly, because she is not intimidated by the likes of…well, anybody. The snobby and clownish buffoonery of someone like a Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi only seems to make Palin snicker as she very politely and with her down to earth air, tears them “a new one”.

Having class is something that the great seem to possess naturally. A solid upbringing where respect for self and others certainly plays a role, but having class is  the result of an inner courage that allows one to take hits while returning smiles. Those who possess class know almost by instinct when to say something and what to say, and when to do something and what to do. It has to do with learning from the trials that are part of life and using those experiences to do what is good and decent.

Sarah Palin has class in abundance.

Palin is not done, by a long stretch. There is a feeling among the Conservative Collective that she will somehow lead the charge in November of 2014 to take the Senate away from the progressive mucksuckers now embedded like fat congressional ticks. Palin’s time has arrived…she has been forged in the crucible and she is strong.

The left is stupid if they are not looking for Palin over their shoulders.



Remembering the real JFK

It is sad on this, the 50th anniversary of the shooting of President John F. Kenedy that his political party has become the party of Lenin and Stalin.

JFK would not recognize his party, nor would he choose to be a part of it. He was a true patriot and American who wanted the best for the nation, not for his party. JFK wanted to ease the pain of the poor, not pour socialist lemon juice on it, as does Barry.

His goals always had the protection of the American way as a priority, not the destruction that Barry seeks. America knew it could trust JFK and slept at night soundly, not with one eye open to watch for Barry the Boogeyman. America was a better place for having JFK in the Oval Office, but it is a much worse place with Barry there.   

It seems like only yesterday that one of our best was taken and it seems like a hundred years since our worst was installed. But in the end, there is comfort in the fact that America will prevail as it always does. America is better and stronger than Barry and the America that JFK loved and fought for will live.

Rest well, President Kennedy. Try not to judge us too harshly for electing Barry. America thought it needed a messiah in 2008 and all we got was this mess. Maybe the “iah” part will eventually show up, but if he does, his name will NOT be Barry.

The Knockout Game

There is nothing new in the reports of The Knockout Game. Black teenagers have been engaged in this “game”, as a right of passage, for many, many years in high schools across America. In our schools, it was contained, but now the genie has gotten out onto our streets.

Of course, no one has the courage to look this issue in the face and call it what it is. The huge majority of the cases involve black men and the victims are largely white, This is racism, pure and simple. These are black bigots attacking innocent pedestrians based purely on the fact that they are non-black.  

Apparently, some in black America still believe that white America needs to attone for something, usually in the much too convenient form of financial restitution.The Conservative Collective would opine that there has been enough money spent on such nonsense. If black America can make slavery a white issue for 155 years, then the Knockout Game is certainly a black issue that needs to be addressed…and quickly.

Solutions from the Conservative Collective? Everybody should be aware of who is with striking range of them at all times. Predictions? There will be a self-defense shooting wherein one of these game players tries to punch a person who is armed and the attacker will be killed.

It will be curious then to see who brings up the Trayvon Martin case first. It was that case in which an “unarmed” Martin was trying to cave in the head of an armed Zimmerman. But as the Knockout Game proves, a single blow to the head can kill.

It’s time for Jesse jackson and Al Sharpton to earn their wages and put an end to this vicious “game” before someone else does.


You want it Harry…? You got it!!

The Conservative Collectives’ analysis of Hary Reid changing the rules of the Senate is straightforward.

Harry Reid is little more than an automaton for Barry. Barry says, “Harry…sit up!”, and Harry does as he is told. This time, Barry is watching his Alinsky agenda crumble before his eyes because he  and his White House lemmings are inept. It is very obvious that down the road, perhaps after November 2014, Barry needed more liberal judges. But the enormous Otramacare cockup has put continued progressive control of the Senate in doubt.

No matter what, Barry will NEED those judges for things like immigration, gun control and putting Americans on cattle cars so they can be taken to FEMA reeducation camps (last one was a joke…but, not really). Barry needs to push the timetable forward…

So he calls his little syncophant to the White House and tells Harry, “Look…Americans do NOTHING when you break the law or overstep your power, so just chage the rules by yourself so I can have my damned judges!”  Harry grovels, kisses Barry’s boots and scurries away to do his masters’ bidding.

In the aftermath, there are those Republican morons who insist that when they have control of Congress THEY will use the new rules to beat up the progressives. The Conservative Collective would use this show of stupidity as a prime example of why the Republican Old Guard needs to be unceremoniouly tossed next year.

Barry and Harry have no intention of turning this over to the opposition! The progressive left hasn’t come this far just to see conservatives reverse everything they’ve worked 70 years to accomplish. C’mon people! Don’t be stupid!

By this time next year, if conservatives don’t take back Congress, Barry will own America from sea to shining sea. Retirement accounts will be nationalized, every resource from any source will become a government asset and every aspect of how we live (or die) will be in the hands of Barry.

But Barry forgot one thing. There is a resistance movement and it grows larger by the day. So, Harry you fired the first political shot. You want this…you got it!   


How does “busted” feel, Barry?

Barry, you are SOOO busted! Finally, America gets to glance  behind the curtain and see that the wizard is just another power-hungry, self-adoring, ego-centric, cold-hearted, morally bankrupt and mucksucking failed leftist.

Now, the question the Conservative Collective would like to have an answer to is, what do we do with this worthless piece of jetsam? Bernie Madoff is in prison for doing far less than Barry has done folks. In a progressive liberal world that is all about punishing the weathy, the white, the male and the independant, why should Barry not be held responsible for what his lemmings have done?

Valerie Jarrett is holding secret talks with Iran? When did she become an American ambassador to anything or anywhere? Our future rests in the hands of Jarett and her Alinsky blindness? Oh wait…Barry probably didn’t know anything about her little junkets (wink…wink).

Yeah, he did. This is just another illegal action in a long line of illegal actions taken by this buffoon. The simple fact is, America is just too fat, too dumb and too lazy to push itself out of the lounge chair and swich Barry’s channel. 

While the paperwork to impeach Eric Holder is floating around in the halls ot Congress, this would be the ideal time to file charges against Barry and end his attempt at being a ruler.  At the very least, impeachment proceedings would keep Barry’s trangressions in front of the American voter, where they should be right about now.

As the water circles the drain, history once again can live with a knowing smirk on its face, saying…”I told you so…”

O’Care is so awsome, lets’s do immigration!

After seeing just how badly the progressive liberals screwed up Otraumacare, it is astounding that anyone, anywhere within the borders of America would even think about letting Barry’s team of trolls roll out an immigration program.

One colossal cluster ____ hasn’t even been fixed yet, and already the progressive socialists are ready to spend more money on another program more properly entitled, “The Let’s Let Anyone Who Will Vote For Obama Into The United States And Give Them Money Stolen From Anybody Who Ever Worked Hard To Earn A Decent, Honest Living Act”.

This is the future. Bending the truth…lying…smoke and mirrors…more lying…a little more bending…secret meetings…hiding…more lying…a bribe here, a bribe there…a threat here, a threat there… This is what we on the right knew was coming, and this is what our children will have to live with as time passes. The Obama “nothing up my sleeve” brand of circus performer turned politician is what stupid and lazy Americans have traded their liberty for and they deserve what they get.

So, let’s recap. The progressive left has absolutely turned Otraumacare into social fecal matter and they will do they same to immigration. Then, they will turn to gun control and…oh, by the way…we’re not stealing money fast enough to pay for Otraumacare, so we’re going to make “adjustments” to the way your retirement funds are handled. Thank you very much. BAMMO! Your retirement has just been nationalized.

Can one imagine that all of this will happen because a bunch of dummies voted for the guy who could lie the best? AGAIN?