Note to Barry – Gun Control

Don’t even think about it. Just because you want it doesn’t make it a good thing or mean that America is going to let it happen. Get a clue and move on to something you can handle…like what movie to show this Friday night. For you, the Conservative Collective would select “Liar, Liar” with Jim “I say the stupidest stuff…” Carrey.

New “chapeau” for Marines

So, Barryinski has decided that the United States Marine Corps needs a new “hat”. It’s basically a French kepi, but it looks even worse and 8 million of your dollars are being spent on this irrelevant fashion issue.

First of all, it’s a “cover”, not a “hat”. Now, we move on…

The Conservative Collective will not shy away from the truth of this travesty. Barry is simply cutting the balls off of the the Corps, that’s all…or so he thinks. He hates the military because it is not his to control outside of the confines of the Constitution he so despises.

Now, law enforcement….that’s a whole lot different. Barry is seeing to it that his national police force is actually better funded, better equipped and better trained for combat (civil unrest). Why? Because law enforcement falls under the Department of Justice, which falls under the control of the Dear Leader.

However, the Conservative Collective would like to extend an invitation to all Marines. Join the ranks of the American people who oppose Barry’s vision for a new, ballless USSR and help us get back to the time when the very mention of the word “America” made evil shiver. As much as he might like to, it is an impossibility for Barry to make the sun rise in the west. So it is too with cutting the balls off of any Marine. Remember, it was said long ago that having testicles is gender specific…having balls is not.

Consider The Rubicon to have been crossed.

Software engineers call BS!

There are numerous software engineers in the Conservative Collective who are just now able to speak, having been rolling on the floor laughing (ROFL) since October 1. Each of them, without exception has indicated that they could have assembled a team of code monkeys, data base administrators, input personnel and quality specialists that numbered in the range of two dozen people. They could have been paid, say…10 million dollars, been given 18 months, and still been able  to turn out a health care package that would have made the Obamacare system look like it was done by 3-yr old boys and girls with crayons.

There are so many web sites up and running that do so much more than sign a couple of people up for very expensive health insurance. Let’s see…how about…AMAZON!

Is there anything on the Amazon web site that would have been more difficult for Obamacare? The REAL experts in the Conservative Collective who have been developing software for 30 years each, say no. Amazon works perfectly and one has to wonder why it is that apparently, not one of the “whiz kids” in the White House had enough brains to seek advise from those who run the Amazon site. Or the EBay site. Or the… well,…just fill in the blank, as there are hundreds that work better than Barry’s ever will.

Millions of line of code must be fixed? Our software engineer friends are calling crap on that one as well. Couldn’t be done in 5 years with 100 people. Let’s face it…Carney is an idiot. But not just any idiot…Carney has the nerve to call out a reporter as not being code literate, when he himself is obviously code-credential challenged. What an oaf!

And how about that Sebilius lady? The Conservative Collective finds it beyond amazing that she could hold a fence post, let alone a cabinet post. This Barry-lemming should be in irons, awaiting trial for malfeasance, standing right beside her boss.

Someone else might say that it looks pretty obvious that there are hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars sitting in an account or accounts somewhere waiting for that glorious day when the imbezzler  will show up and begin spending what is rightfully ours. But we would never say that! Apparently, web sites that snatch donations and get guys elected into positions of power via fraud and lies are easy to assemble, but useful web sites are more difficult, and a lot more expensive!

What a country!

The White House is “misleading” us. UH…YA THINK?

Actually, the word “misleading” misses the accuracy mark by quite a bit. The term usually used in such cases, in the normal world where people act with honor and integrity is BOLD-FACED LYING, STRAIGHT TO OUR FACES!

Every day, in every imaginable way. Jay Carney gets up in front of reporters and acts as though his ADHD has gone super-nova. “I’ve answered that, Ed and…wow! Is it hotter in the summer or the city? Anybody know? Anybody? Even when everybody in the room knows the answer to a question, even when the entire nation is watching him fumble and stumble his way through his lies and we all KNOW it’s a lie, including Carney, he STILL LIES! When Carney is nailed while lying, he usually gets real snotty and then he lies to get out of the lie.

The IRS scandal…Benghazi…Lois Lerner…Obamacare…Yucca Flats…Green employment numbers…Obamacare…militarty cuts…the sequester…the debt ceiling…Obamacare…womens rights…the NSA spying on us….domestic terrorists…what day it is…what time it is…

If the words come from the White House, anybody in the White House, the words are lies.All lies, all the time. The Conservative Collective holds to the philosophy that if the janitor does something wrong, it’s the bosses fault. So, when Carney or any of the other children playing “hide and seek” in the White House lies to the American people, it is Barry that is lying to us.

Hundreds of lies, every day…day in and day out. In the Rose Garden…during photo ops…in the Oval Office..on radio…on television…all lies. Numbers, places, people and everything else, all lies.

It never stops, either. We should wonder this…when Barry emerges from Hell in the morning and says “Good Morning” to MIchelle, Does she think he’s lying?




Congress’ raping and pillaging

The Conservative Collective would like to ask a very simple question that we think should be on the lips of every American…

When will Congress stop the raping and pillaging of Americans? No one in Congress deserves to wear a halo, no one! Congress, a staffer or the family of someone connected with Congress have so many perks now, one would think they would be embarrassed to take more. Especially at a time when American families, once strong and vital, are suffering because of the decisions these morons make!!

They get subsidies for Obamacare, members’ widows get $174,000 payments even though the member left an estate worth $50,000,000, members have historically been legally able to engage in insider stock trading, when “regular” Americans would go to prison for the same activity and members of Congress enjoy slush funds that grant them lavish lifestyles at Americas expense. Free gym membership, travel, food, the damn list goes on forever!

Now, they want us to pay to have every member of Congress transported to Largo, Florida for the funeral of one of their own, Rep. C.W. Bil Young!! They have the unmitigated BALLS to shut down congress and use US Air Force capabilities to fly from Washington DC to Florida FOR THE DAY! FOR ONE DAMNED DAY!

The Conservative Collective understands the desire to say good-bye to a colleague and to honor his service. How about a memorial service in the Capital? How about gathering in the very place where Rep. Young did his work and how about not slapping America in the face for once? Each member needs to just stand still for one minute and reflect…would Rep. Young really want me to fly 2500 miles, in one day, to attend a funeral service on the taxpayers dime? Each and every one of the members of Congress makes more than enough money to pay for such a trip out of his or her own pockets, as does every other American if they travel to a funeral

How much longer does America have to tolerate living under this boot? When will Americans rise up and tell these bloated, festering pigs that their free ride is over? None of us would tolerate a neighbor knocking on our door and spitting in our face , but for some inexplicable reason, we take that from the maggots in our nation’s nerve center EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY!!

Where is our pride in ourselves? Have we sunk so far that we no longer feel the pain of the masters whip? Are we now so far gone into the progressive sewer that we are simply used to the stench?

This is beyond patience or benevolence on the part of Americans. What is happening now is criminal.



Whose side is Rove on?!

“The Architect”. The Conservative Collective has always wondered about that particular moniker. Its seems as though one cannot see Karl Rove pop up on a television screen without someone calling him “The Architect”.

Given his contemporary role in undermining the new conservative movement, would it not be entirely appropriate to call Rove “The Shoveler”? Wherever he shows up, he shovels his unique brand of bovine scat to the masses on the other side of the glass. Evidently, Rove believes his own press and actually thinks he has solutions for a party division that he is largely responsible for creating. How nice…a has-been Republican candidate builder intentionally CAUSES a rift in his own party and then…conveniently…wants us to believe that he can fix the issues, saving us all.

We’re not buying it Karl. Actually, it sort of looks like you belong to the progressive cabal Karl old man, and since the Conservative Collective has been witness to your gleeful back-stabbing of The Constitutionalists in Congress on varied and multiple occasions, your squealing rings hollow with us.

You’re a bright guy Karl, but you’ve stupidly chained yourself to a gang that is living it’s final election cycle. You’re not for Democrats, it’s true. But it has become beyond obvious that you don’t stand for the decent, hard-working, taxpaying American either. You zigged when the other progressive cockroaches zagged and the light has fallen directly on you, showing us all where your loyalties lie.

Not too long ago, it was hard to watch you scribble numbers all over your little white board in an effort to persuade us that men like Mike Lee, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz were taking us back to a time where the Constitution ruled, and that was bad. Now, it has become impossible to watch you. America has come to realize, watching you, Barry and the turncoats like McCain that returning to the declarations of the Constitution is not only good, it is necessary if we are to preserve America for future generations. So, Karl Rove, while we’re not precisely certain as to who you are against, the Conservative Collective is positive that you are most definitely NOT on our side.

Get it right Karl.

The “Dear Leader” wants your 401K!

Like any other pig, and even though the progressive messiah just got another infusion of borrowed money sent to his Taxpayer Visa Card, there is never enough…he needs more money. Cash. Greenbacks. JIngle. Not real estate. Not tangible assets. Barry will come after that stuff later. Just cash.

The money he just stole from our grandkids will last about 3 months before the national EBT card must be refilled and the end to borrowing is in sight. So…what to do? Where could he find a ready supply of trillions of dollars, in cash, to fund his march toward socialist utopia? IRA’s…401k’s…and all other retirement instruments that’s where. Ah…some are laughing… OK.


  • May 16th, 2011-Washington Post reported: “Treasury to Tap Pensions to Fund Government.”
  • January 17th, 2012-Reuters reported: “The Treasury Dips Further into Pension to Avoid Debt Limit.”
  • April 12 th, 2012-NY Post reported: “Feds Eye Retirement-Fund Tax to Cut $16 Trillion-plus Deficit”
  • February 11th , 2013-Foxnews: ”Is your retirement account safe from our government?”
  • And of course – August 16th, 2001CNN reported : “Government Dipping into Social Security.”

Here are just a few of the more fun proposals from Barry’s folks. Not ideas, mind you…these have been officially proposed. On paper, and in meetings. Not joking here.

  • Government will automatically deduct 5%-6% out of your earnings. Those funds will be deposited into a pooled GRA.
  • The current tax deduction will be eliminated, and replaced with a tax credit. Which can only be redeemed after retirement.
  • Instead of receiving a tax refund check, part or ALL will automatically be placed into a pooled GRA.
  • Worker’s un-used vacation pay will automatically be converted to income, which will be deposited into a pooled GRA.
  • The funds in your current retirement account will be converted to “longevity annuities,” which typically don’t start making income payments until the investor is well into retirement, 82-85 years old.
  • Guaranteed Retirement Accounts (GRA’s) will be administered by the Social Security Administration. (IRS does health…SSA does retirement…f’ing prefect!)
  • Much like S.S. Accounts, the uncollected equity will become the property of the Government, once the individual dies.

Do you lIke Forbes? Sure, we all do. Show the Conservative Collective that you’re not just a lazy slob who waits for folks like us to do all of your thinking for you. At least go to this web site and read something for yourself. Afterwards, you can take your lazy little “turkey standing in the rain” nap.