Is a fight a-brewin’?

Well, now the Department of Homeland Security is purchasing 100 fully automatic gas launchers and 240,000 cartridges for the launchers, about half of which are filled with pepper gas, with the remaining shells being inert for training. How very curious…

The Conservative Collective feels that now is the time to ask the obvious questions that no one else seems to want to touch…

Why is our government conducting massive training for civil unrest, offered PO’s for 1.6 BILLION rounds of ammunition, riot gear, suiting up tens of thousands of new personnel, degrading the military while simultaneously upgrading law enforcement’s combat capabilities and now purchasing pepper gas launchers? And why in the last 18 months?

What does DHS know or what are they planning that they are not telling the general population? They’re being very sneaky about all of this activity and the media is continuing to help them, not the people of America.

Any person in the Conservative Collective would only be prudent to ask themselves why the government is apparently genning up for a fight, and the next logical question would be with whom are they getting ready to fight? At this point, it looks like Americans are being intentionally excluded from knowing what’s going on, so it then also becomes prudent to make the logical assumption that perhaps we are intended the targets. We must protect our own and absent any information from a government that allegedly serves us that we are NOT the object of any use of force, we must be prepared for whatever lies ahead.

On November 1, the SNAP system will reduce its payments to the EBT crowd, and if they act out, this may be the first indication of who will receive the negative attention of DHS. The Conservative Collective would ask that we all be very vigilant for the next 12 months and that any observations be shared with friends and families.