McCain, McConnell doth protest too much!

Most folks have heard the expression “Methinks you doth protest too much!” Which simply means that if one is trying to cover a lie or hide a nefarious activity, one may overplay that  hand, by saying too much, too often.

Conversations with other observers within the ranks of the Conservative Collective have given life to a conspiracy theory that may have merit or alternatively, may not. Either way, it does fit together many pieces of the current political puzzle and it is presented here.

We started by wondering what the end game of the progressives in the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives, really was? There was an Alinsky-Lenin-Stalin vision which was obvious, but underneath that who was involved and moving the appropriate pieces of the progressive puzzle?

Axlerod, Carney, Jarrett, Emanuel and the other well-known soldiers were easy. But there had to be others in order for the agenda to have made it this far and so quickly. The media helped as well as the dutifully do, but even now the common day-to-day media outlets that unzip Barry’s pants 24/7 are suddenly zipping those pants back up and stabbing The Messiah in the back.. So who else could be helping Barry and the progressive vision? Who else would want to stay firmly in the “circle of power”, enjoying all the trappings of the high and mighty?

At about the same time as that question was asked, another was presented, which was “Why exactly are the Old Guard Republicans so viciously and constantly trying to derail the Conservative Republicans?” Light bulbs started coming on over all of the heads of the Conservative Collective. McCain, Graham, Corker, McConnell, Boehner and the rest of the Old Guard Republicans are actually confederates with Barry and the progressive left. Not just supportive mind you, but an actual part of the planning as well as the execution.

That would explain why the House and Senate “leadership” have been called to the White House so often over the past five years. It would explain why Boehner was saying he was against congressional Obamacare subsidies when in reality he was actively engaged in making them happen. It would explain why John McCain and Mitch McConnell have been fanatical in their attacks on Ted Cruz and some fantasy called “The Tea Party”. It would explain how hidden rules and regulations get quietly slipped into laws like the Affordable Care Act and how sections of the law, like Section 1251 in the ACA are quietly reversed after the law passes.

It would go a long way explain why “Old Guard” members of Senate and House committees never seem to go to the mat for the American people. They provide a show with plenty of bluster, but rather than really trying to get answers, they show more interest in running out the time they have to ask questions.These are the very same people who can and have been keeping the lid on the anger of the American people when they find out that The President of The United States has been boldly and VERY intentionally lying to them about being able to keep a given doctor and/or health plan.

But now they doth protest TOO much! They are uncovered and charged with aiding and abetting the high crimes of King Barry and his pus-filled court. Let the lancing of these political boils begin with the 2014 mid-term elections!