Hey progressives…thanks for the violence!


Just the short list of what progressives have given to America in the relentless pursuit of their religion. Their bastardization of the word “tolerance” is a prime example, wherein any person can commit any crime, including murder, and be forgiven by the morally-bankrupt left side of the political spectrum.

It took decades, but now, as the Rev. Wright would say…”the chickens have come home to roost!” They sure have, and people are dying because of the progressive agenda. Young adults, kids really, have no issue whatsoever with assembling a twitter mob and looting a store. Why would they have an issue? Progressives give them all of the excuses they need. Beatings in restaurants over chump change or the wrong kind of dipping sauce, that too is the result of progressive “tolerance”.

Gang animals in nearly all of the major cities in the U.S. have free reign to terrorize decent men and women, while law enforcement cowers in their police stations. Children are raising hell all over America and the blame falls squarely on the progressive left.

The Conservative Collective knows how to make it right, but much like tearing off a band-aid, fixing what liberal progressives break tends to sting a little.