The White House is “misleading” us. UH…YA THINK?

Actually, the word “misleading” misses the accuracy mark by quite a bit. The term usually used in such cases, in the normal world where people act with honor and integrity is BOLD-FACED LYING, STRAIGHT TO OUR FACES!

Every day, in every imaginable way. Jay Carney gets up in front of reporters and acts as though his ADHD has gone super-nova. “I’ve answered that, Ed and…wow! Is it hotter in the summer or the city? Anybody know? Anybody? Even when everybody in the room knows the answer to a question, even when the entire nation is watching him fumble and stumble his way through his lies and we all KNOW it’s a lie, including Carney, he STILL LIES! When Carney is nailed while lying, he usually gets real snotty and then he lies to get out of the lie.

The IRS scandal…Benghazi…Lois Lerner…Obamacare…Yucca Flats…Green employment numbers…Obamacare…militarty cuts…the sequester…the debt ceiling…Obamacare…womens rights…the NSA spying on us….domestic terrorists…what day it is…what time it is…

If the words come from the White House, anybody in the White House, the words are lies.All lies, all the time. The Conservative Collective holds to the philosophy that if the janitor does something wrong, it’s the bosses fault. So, when Carney or any of the other children playing “hide and seek” in the White House lies to the American people, it is Barry that is lying to us.

Hundreds of lies, every day…day in and day out. In the Rose Garden…during photo ops…in the Oval Office..on radio…on television…all lies. Numbers, places, people and everything else, all lies.

It never stops, either. We should wonder this…when Barry emerges from Hell in the morning and says “Good Morning” to MIchelle, Does she think he’s lying?