Software engineers call BS!

There are numerous software engineers in the Conservative Collective who are just now able to speak, having been rolling on the floor laughing (ROFL) since October 1. Each of them, without exception has indicated that they could have assembled a team of code monkeys, data base administrators, input personnel and quality specialists that numbered in the range of two dozen people. They could have been paid, say…10 million dollars, been given 18 months, and still been able¬† to turn out a health care package that would have made the Obamacare system look like it was done by 3-yr old boys and girls with crayons.

There are so many web sites up and running that do so much more than sign a couple of people up for very expensive health insurance. Let’s see…how about…AMAZON!

Is there anything on the Amazon web site that would have been more difficult for Obamacare? The REAL experts in the Conservative Collective who have been developing software for 30 years each, say no. Amazon works perfectly and one has to wonder why it is that apparently, not one of the “whiz kids” in the White House had enough brains to seek advise from those who run the Amazon site. Or the EBay site. Or the… well,…just fill in the blank, as there are hundreds that work better than Barry’s ever will.

Millions of line of code must be fixed? Our software engineer friends are calling crap on that one as well. Couldn’t be done in 5 years with 100 people. Let’s face it…Carney is an idiot. But not just any idiot…Carney has the nerve to call out a reporter as not being code literate, when he himself is obviously code-credential challenged. What an oaf!

And how about that Sebilius lady? The Conservative Collective finds it beyond amazing that she could hold a fence post, let alone a cabinet post. This Barry-lemming should be in irons, awaiting trial for malfeasance, standing right beside her boss.

Someone else might say that it looks pretty obvious that there are hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars sitting in an account or accounts somewhere waiting for that glorious day when the imbezzler  will show up and begin spending what is rightfully ours. But we would never say that! Apparently, web sites that snatch donations and get guys elected into positions of power via fraud and lies are easy to assemble, but useful web sites are more difficult, and a lot more expensive!

What a country!