New “chapeau” for Marines

So, Barryinski has decided that the United States Marine Corps needs a new “hat”. It’s basically a French kepi, but it looks even worse and 8 million of your dollars are being spent on this irrelevant fashion issue.

First of all, it’s a “cover”, not a “hat”. Now, we move on…

The Conservative Collective will not shy away from the truth of this travesty. Barry is simply cutting the balls off of the the Corps, that’s all…or so he thinks. He hates the military because it is not his to control outside of the confines of the Constitution he so despises.

Now, law enforcement….that’s a whole lot different. Barry is seeing to it that his national police force is actually better funded, better equipped and better trained for combat (civil unrest). Why? Because law enforcement falls under the Department of Justice, which falls under the control of the Dear Leader.

However, the Conservative Collective would like to extend an invitation to all Marines. Join the ranks of the American people who oppose Barry’s vision for a new, ballless USSR and help us get back to the time when the very mention of the word “America” made evil shiver. As much as he might like to, it is an impossibility for Barry to make the sun rise in the west. So it is too with cutting the balls off of any Marine. Remember, it was said long ago that having testicles is gender specific…having balls is not.

Consider The Rubicon to have been crossed.