Congress’ raping and pillaging

The Conservative Collective would like to ask a very simple question that we think should be on the lips of every American…

When will Congress stop the raping and pillaging of Americans? No one in Congress deserves to wear a halo, no one! Congress, a staffer or the family of someone connected with Congress have so many perks now, one would think they would be embarrassed to take more. Especially at a time when American families, once strong and vital, are suffering because of the decisions these morons make!!

They get subsidies for Obamacare, members’ widows get $174,000 payments even though the member left an estate worth $50,000,000, members have historically been legally able to engage in insider stock trading, when “regular” Americans would go to prison for the same activity and members of Congress enjoy slush funds that grant them lavish lifestyles at Americas expense. Free gym membership, travel, food, the damn list goes on forever!

Now, they want us to pay to have every member of Congress transported to Largo, Florida for the funeral of one of their own, Rep. C.W. Bil Young!! They have the unmitigated BALLS to shut down congress and use US Air Force capabilities to fly from Washington DC to Florida FOR THE DAY! FOR ONE DAMNED DAY!

The Conservative Collective understands the desire to say good-bye to a colleague and to honor his service. How about a memorial service in the Capital? How about gathering in the very place where Rep. Young did his work and how about not slapping America in the face for once? Each member needs to just stand still for one minute and reflect…would Rep. Young really want me to fly 2500 miles, in one day, to attend a funeral service on the taxpayers dime? Each and every one of the members of Congress makes more than enough money to pay for such a trip out of his or her own pockets, as does every other American if they travel to a funeral

How much longer does America have to tolerate living under this boot? When will Americans rise up and tell these bloated, festering pigs that their free ride is over? None of us would tolerate a neighbor knocking on our door and spitting in our face , but for some inexplicable reason, we take that from the maggots in our nation’s nerve center EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY!!

Where is our pride in ourselves? Have we sunk so far that we no longer feel the pain of the masters whip? Are we now so far gone into the progressive sewer that we are simply used to the stench?

This is beyond patience or benevolence on the part of Americans. What is happening now is criminal.