Whose side is Rove on?!

“The Architect”. The Conservative Collective has always wondered about that particular moniker. Its seems as though one cannot see Karl Rove pop up on a television screen without someone calling him “The Architect”.

Given his contemporary role in undermining the new conservative movement, would it not be entirely appropriate to call Rove “The Shoveler”? Wherever he shows up, he shovels his unique brand of bovine scat to the masses on the other side of the glass. Evidently, Rove believes his own press and actually thinks he has solutions for a party division that he is largely responsible for creating. How nice…a has-been Republican candidate builder intentionally CAUSES a rift in his own party and then…conveniently…wants us to believe that he can fix the issues, saving us all.

We’re not buying it Karl. Actually, it sort of looks like you belong to the progressive cabal Karl old man, and since the Conservative Collective has been witness to your gleeful back-stabbing of The Constitutionalists in Congress on varied and multiple occasions, your squealing rings hollow with us.

You’re a bright guy Karl, but you’ve stupidly chained yourself to a gang that is living it’s final election cycle. You’re not for Democrats, it’s true. But it has become beyond obvious that you don’t stand for the decent, hard-working, taxpaying American either. You zigged when the other progressive cockroaches zagged and the light has fallen directly on you, showing us all where your loyalties lie.

Not too long ago, it was hard to watch you scribble numbers all over your little white board in an effort to persuade us that men like Mike Lee, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz were taking us back to a time where the Constitution ruled, and that was bad. Now, it has become impossible to watch you. America has come to realize, watching you, Barry and the turncoats like McCain that returning to the declarations of the Constitution is not only good, it is necessary if we are to preserve America for future generations. So, Karl Rove, while we’re not precisely certain as to who you are against, the Conservative Collective is positive that you are most definitely NOT on our side.

Get it right Karl.