What’s wrong with a promise?

Think about this just for a minute. Senator Ted Cruz has been torn to political and personal shreds over the last several months by every left-leaning media outlet, every progressive, hate-mongering politician and even more than a few progressive politicians who disgustingly label themselves Republicans. That much cannot be denied.

“Whacko-bird”…that was one childish term used to describe Cruz. “Anarchist” was another term and he was apparently comparable to suicide bombers as well. The use of such terms against Ted Cruz is beyond disgusting. There are no words actually to describe those morally bankrupt and pathetic souls who rose up in unison to smear not only a colleague, but a good American. No, make that a GREAT American.

So, what did he do that was so terrible? Let’s explore that, shall we? At some point, a lady in Texas decided that what she heard Ted Cruz saying was something she liked. Cruz struck a chord with her and it was apparent that they shared the same idea that Barry and his ideas for America were stupid. Cruz very simply said that if that lady put her trust in him as a Senator, he would try to repeal the Affordable Care Act, among other things. Voting day came and the lady in Texas pulled a lever for or checked a box indicating that she wanted Ted Cruz to represent her in the United States Senate. Except for multiplying that scenario thousands of times, the concept remains the same for everyone who voted for Ted Cruz. Simply put, Ted Cruz made a promise. What’s wrong with that?

The answer is…in politics, there is nothing wrong with MAKING promises. It’s the KEEPING of the promise that caused a problem for the left. For the progressive left and right, making a promise is as natural as a sunrise, but keeping one is as foreign as a night in Cambodia (right, John Kerry?). The fact is, progressives don’t keep promises.

But Cruz did, and that was his crime. For the progressive left and right, Cruz keeping his promise to his voters made them look just about as idiotic, borish and cowardly as they really are in the world of grown-ups. It wasn’t bad enough that Cruz was opposing the will of their messiah and deal leader, he also had the unmitigated gaul to actually do what he said he would do once he arrived in Washington DC.

As decreed by Saul Alinsky in the bible of the progressives, “Rules for Radicals”, Cruz had to be first compartmentalized, then minimized and then demonized, all of which happened in plain view for all to see every day. But Cruz stood fast, a man of unshakable principle.

Ultimately, the fight Cruz was fighting, the October 2013 continuing resolution and raising the debt ceiling (credit card limit) for Barry was ended by turncoat progressive Republicans like Senator John McCain and Senator Bob Corker. But Cruz fights on.

The Conservative Collective proudly stands with Cruz and his allies and very surely indeed against the progressive mucksuckers in Congress. We don’t think there is single thing wrong with keeping a promise.